Rafting Trips in Colorado: The Grand Canyon Adventure

Rafting Trips in Colorado

The Colorado River starts from the Rocky Mountain?s wilderness. It winds down across Colorado and enters spectacular river destinations that are great for rafting trips. The famous points include Southwest Sampler, Westwater Canyon, and Cataract Canyon. We are offer the most exciting rafting trips in Colorado, including the mighty Grand Canyon.

If you are ready for that huge adrenaline rush on your next vacation, there are several ways to enjoy the views of this beautiful and scenic place. You could try walking along the rims on sunrise or sunset and see the spectacular colors change from dark blue, while the sun is just peeking in the horizon to bright orange when it is high up in the sky.

You could ride a chopper, a plane or even a hot-air balloon and get the birds? eye view of the whole gorge. But if you want to be up-close and personal with every rock formation and crevice of the canyon, going on a raft is really the best option. There are many areas and National Parks that are accessible only by river. If you crave the excitement, take our white water rafting tours through the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River has several tributaries which feature some of the best rapids in the world.

Don't worry if you have not tried rafting before or if you are too nervous to go white-water rafting in the rapids, or if you have young kids in your group. There are several other sites to visit, more tranquil rivers to glide on while enjoying the views of this amazing American landmark. On our rafting trips you could possibly pass the Hualapai Reservation.

However, this would not be enough to enjoy the grandeur of the place. Full canyon trips, those which last for ten to fifteen days are best. But if you have not saved enough for that, go for those half canyon trips which take five days to a week. These tours, whatever you have chosen, are already inclusive of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), certain activities which you have chosen to do and the accommodation.

The price of these rafting tours through the Grand Canyon really depend on what you plan to do there and how you would want it done. For instance, going on a placid river ride on a motorized raft is cheaper primarily because it's not that dangerous. This boat can accommodate ten to a dozen people, including the tour guide and the operator.

But going on those gushing rapids, even if you will be the one to maneuver the raft, is a bit more expensive because it is more risky. It doesn't matter if you have done this several times in the past. If you plan to do this during your trip, another boat and several tour guides will accompany you to ensure your safety. There is nothing more amazing than visiting this Arizona attraction. Thousands of people go there every year and it is a must that you go too, if you haven't yet.

Do your research on all of our different rafting trip options with our amazing search function first while planning your trip to Arizona. Our company offers 1,000+ rafting tours from 16 outfitters through the Grand Canyon for you to choose from.

What to expect while on the Colorado River?

River vacations become more thrilling when you go rafting and are challenged by the strong water current. On the Colorado River, you will definitely have an exhilarating rafting trip experience! Expect to see endless beauty and scenic wonders that make the whole experience truly unforgettable. In particular, the Colorado River is known all over the world for its whitewater rapids that are undeniably legendary.

It also has some of North America?s largest whitewater that are located within the canyons of Arizona and Utah. The canyons themselves all make for a stunning landscape that continuously attract people to try rafting in the area. The Colorado River passes by five national parks and six state parks, conservation and recreation areas, and national monuments. There is no other river in the world that can offer you these.

However, rafting all the way from the first point to the last point of the Colorado River can only be possible if you have plenty of time. Because most of us are working for a living, you can only set aside several days for a single trip, tour or expedition. With this, you can complete rafting the whole river through several rafting trips. For each trip, you can allocate four to seven days for example. The trip at Westwater Canyon can be completed in four days. The same is true with other trips such as the 4 Day Cataract Canyon trip and 4 Day Moab, Utah Sampler trip.

What are the clothing and gear items you need to bring?

The Colorado River is without a doubt a huge area where you are exposed to different elements of the environment. You will get exposed to the sun?s rays, microorganisms, and other elements that may cause you minor harm. With these, you have to ensure that you wear proper clothing.

Wear a swimsuit as the first layer. For men, a quick drying pair of shorts can also function as a swimsuit. The other clothing items you need are wool or polypropylene socks, water sports sandals, hiking boots, long sleeve shirts that can also provide you added sun protection, wool or fleece jacket, visor or baseball cap, and capilene, smart wool, or polypropylene long underwear.

For the gear items, make sure you bring a bandana, lip balm, sunscreen, wet wipes, moisturizer, large zip lock bags, toiletries and small towels, insect repellant, sunglasses with strap, headlamp or flashlight, water bottle with strap, small camp pillow, and medications. You may also choose to bring a journal, waterproof camera, and fishing equipment. Depending on the activities you want to enjoy on the Colorado River, the list of clothing and gear items can be shorter or longer.