Grand Canyon Outfitters Specialty Trips

Specialty trips are offered by a handful of Grand Canyon Outfitters. They range from all women trips to listening to a live string quartet play for you while enjoying your dinner riverside.




Hiker’s special trips are the most popular and have a strong focus on off-raft adventure. They are geared towards those in good to excellent physical shape capable of hiking at a moderate to quick pace, for multiple hours at a time. Hiker’s special trips are offered at the beginning of the season, while the flowers are blooming and more importantly when the temperatures are on the cooler side, allowing for extended hikes. These trips are great in that often, you will not have to backtrack to your original starting point, rather the rafts will head downstream and meet you at the end of your hike. This allows for further exploration, and the ability to see trails not available during side-canyon hikes on regular non-hiker’s special trips.

Below are some other specialty Grand Canyon trips offered by multiple outfitters:

  • Yoga Special
  • Hiker’s Special
  • All Women’s Special
  • String Quartet Special
  • Geology Special
  • Photography Special
  • Ecology Special
  • History Special
  • Archeology Special