Have You Tried Grand Canyon Fishing?


Grand Canyon Fishing Activities on the Colorado River

Fishing in the Grand Canyon on the Colorado river while on a multi-day raft trip can be a wonderful addition to your experience and adventure. There are many times throughout your day when you can partake, but most often it is either at lunch (before or after food is served) or at camp.

There can be some incredible fishing in the Grand Canyon with both cast and fly rods. However, you will need a licence for either type of Grand Canyon fishing (anyone 14 yrs or older) which you can read more about and purchase one online at the Arizona Game and Fish website. Swimming in the river are bass, carp, catfish and especially many rainbow trout who seem to be the hungriest!

Grand Canyon Fishing for out of raft adventures
Fishing Lures

Conditions can play a role in activity, and more often than not the best fishing is prior to the rainy season as the waters are still very clear and easier for fish to see the bait, especially for fly fishing. For cast fishing, we have noticed that bright green or orange lures make for the most activity. For fly fishing, scuds, midges or buggers usually do the trick. For either, fishing rods should be collapsible and contained in a hard shell case when not in use. Your guides will pack them away for you in a safe location as not to risk poking/puncturing anything delicate.

While some outfitters practice catch and release, others will be happy to cook your catch for you and the rest of the group (decided by the trip leader – and often it is your responsibility to gut, clean and prepare the fish). There is nothing better than offering your fresh catch to the entire group as an appetizer, or in addition to the delicious food your guides have prepared.