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Advantage Grand Canyon Routes
Advantage Grand Canyon Routes
Advantage Grand Canyon Routes
Advantage Grand Canyon Routes

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As experts in Grand Canyon rafting we provide a complimentary service in finding, booking and coordinating your raft trip based on YOUR needs and preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does it cost more if I book through you?

Absolutely not. We are priced exactly the same as the operators who are selling the exact same Grand Canyon river raft trips. We are a free service to you and get paid a fee from the outfitters for referrals. We do the leg work and contact every outfitter on your behalf. Allow us to assist you in finding the right trip based on your needs.

When is the best time of year to raft the grand canyon?

The rafting season is from April - October and each month has its’ own beauty. Spring and Fall trips feature more mild temperatures and cooler, more comfortable sleeping conditions. June through August trips are the more popular months and often reach temperatures between 100-115 degrees during the day. The monsoon season begins on June 15 and ends on September 30, but the storms peak between mid-July and mid-August. During this time, you can anticipate occasional showers periodically. These showers often come and go and are refreshing given the high temperatures. If you’re looking for a Grand Canyon raft trip with extended hiking, outfitters offer these in spring and fall as the cooler temperatures allow for longer hikes.

Restrooms - How, When and Where?

While on the river, there are plenty of pit-stop opportunities, and disposable systems should you have to go #2 when not at camp. Just ask your guide and they will accommodate! There are even ways to pee into the river while on raft, privately! When docked at camp, a toilet facility also known as the "Groover" is always available. There is a hand wash station with an "OCCUPIED" sign leading down a path to the toilet. The restroom will have a toilet seat just like what you have at home, and is much more comfortable than a port-a-potty. It will be hidden away from the view of others as placement is carefully decided on by the trip leader (proximity to the kitchen - downwind and not too close to the river) and often will feature a gorgeous view of the Colorado river.

Do I need experience to raft the colorado river in Grand Canyon?

You’ll be happy to know that 70% of our guests have no previous river rafting experience, let alone never have spent a night sleeping outdoors so the answer is no, no previous experience is necessary for most Colorado river trips in the Grand Canyon. The only exception (by a couple of outfitters strong recommendation) would be a lower canyon all-paddle trip as the first couple of rapids are among the largest of the river, and there is very little time to get comfortable in the raft prior to these rapids. An open mind, a positive outlook will ensure you’ll make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime on your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

Which Outfitter Offers The Best Grand Canyon Rafting Trips?

There are 16 commercial outfitters that offer Grand Canyon rafting trips, and they are all unique in their own way. To begin, all must keep excellent safety records and history per national park regulations. All employ very experienced guides (trained in first aid) with thousands of river miles spent rafting Grand Canyon as well as other rivers in the world. In addition, you can expect high quality rafts/gear and everything you need to ensure an amazing rafting experience. What varies is their individual itineraries: Where trips begin or end, how many river miles they travel, how many days and the raft type. Some commercial outfitters will offer sleeping cots, while others a self-inflating sleeping pad. Some will offer camp chairs, even pillows and even a way to charge you camera battery. Some focus only on non-motor trips, while others offer motor as well as non-motor. These are some of the main differences between one outfitter to the next and I recommend calling us to discuss in further detail. Our experts will match you with the outfitter/trip the best fits your needs.

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