Grand Canyon Rafting

The Grand Canyon National Park services list rafting and hiking as top things to do along with tours and ATVs/ Additional things include camping and horseback riding. Advantage Grand Canyon's rafting tours are an endless scenic wonder that is rich in Native American history and loaded with adventure and fun. They are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. There is nothing like exploring the Grand Canyon by river.

You discover paradisiacal side canyons and hidden waterfalls. There are areas of the Grand Canyon National Park that are only accessible by river. As you lie under the blanket of stars every night on a Grand Canyon rafting vacation, you listen to mighty Colorado River sounds. Watch as the morning sun casts a glow through the Canyon's towering walls. Discover the exciting rush provided by the legendary whitewater of the Colorado River.

The Difference in Seeing and Experiencing the Grand Canyon

There is a difference between seeing the Grand Canyon an experiencing it. Nearly five million tourists visit the Grand Canyon every summer. Many stand at the rim and look over the edge to see how it is. They take a few pictures, visit gift shops, grab a snack, and wander off to another viewpoint.

Seeing the Grand Canyon is a great American road trip. There is so much more to experience than looking over the edge and taking pictures. There is a universal allure that makes people want to know what is at the bottom and around the bend.

The place is enormous! Those who decide to hike down into the Canyon for a different perspective soon discover it is bigger than they thought. The park service makes it quite clear not to underestimate the level of preparation or overestimate their hiking abilities for hiking into the Grand Canyon.

Every year people find themselves over their heads without sufficient drinking water, and so on. There is a better way to immerse into the Grand Canyon experience. It is not apparent to some observers at the rim there is a river at the bottom of the Canyon.

You can go whitewater rafting on the Colorado River that is there. Places you never imagined are rooted in the Canyon. There are hidden waterfall caves, and of course, whitewater rapids to experience! The difference in seeing and experiencing the Grand Canyon is evident when you begin interacting with it. You can attempt hiking, but you will quickly learn that it is more than a casual stroll. The ultimate Grand Canyon vacation is whitewater rafting on the Colorado River.

Choosing the Best Outfitter and Rafting Experience.

There are 16 rafting outfitters in the Grand Canyon. Each has different itineraries and access different sections of the Canyon. The Canyon is divided into various trip lengths. Mile Zero is Lees Ferry for many Grand Canyon rafting trips. Advantage Grand Canyon offers four, five, six, seven, eight, and twelve-day tours that are traveled by oar, motor, or hybrid motor raft trips. Motor trips cover more miles than oar-powered trips, and you see more in a day, such as canyon attractions.

Full Canyon Trips

Full Canyon Colorado River rafting trips cover the Upper and Lower sections of the river. This trip type covers either 188, 225, or 280 miles depending on the duration of the trip and the itinerary set by the outfitter per National park regulations. In this trip, you'll see canyon all of the notable attractions offered in Grand Canyon especially the best whitewater rafting available. You can see the full canyon in as little as 6 - 9 days in a motorized raft and between 12 - 18 days on an Oar, Paddle, Dory or Hybrid raft trip.


More than 42 major rapids rated five out of a rating scale from one to ten. The Colorado River offers a unique experience for adventure seekers. Highlights include turquoise blue waters, Havasupal Creek, and Redwall cavern.

Upper Canyon Trips

Upper Canyon trips put-in at Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon. The day before the trip, guests are driven to Lees Ferry to meet the guide and the other raft mates. There is a final briefing before hopping on board and beginning the trip downriver.

Throughout the trip, guests explore 88 miles of pristine, natural beauty while being surrounded by canyon walls that tower more than 4500 feet. You pass some of the most well-known geological formations of the region. The Toroweap and Kaibab formations are regarded as two of the most impressive features of the Grand Canyon.

Outfitter river guides have extensive experience and knowledge about Grand Canyon river rafting. The guide offers paddling advice and expertise about local culture, history, and native flora and fauna. Along the Upper Grand Canyon route, there are 19 major rapids; all rated five or above.

When not conquering the rapids, trek through side canyons and explore Native American ruins and cascading waterfalls. There is a chance of encountering local wildlife, such as tiny wrens or mighty bighorn sheep. Other sights include the Upper Granite Gorge, Vasey's Paradise, Nankoweap Anasazi, and Redwall Cavern.

Lower Canyon Trips

Lower Canyon trips start in Grand Canyon Village at the South Rim with a 7 1/2 to 9 1/2 mile hike down the Bright Angel Trail. Depending on the itinerary, there are three starting points - Bright Angel Beach, Boat Beach, or Pipe Creek Beach.


You meet the guide and settle into the raft. Within a few miles, your experience Hermit and Granite Rapids. Lava Falls, Havasu Canyon, Crystal, and Serpentine Rapids await you further on the trip. This is whitewater rafting at its best. Other attractions include Granite Narrows, Havasu Canyon, Matkatamiba Canyon, Tapeats Creek, Deer Creek Falls, and Elvis Chasm.

Western Canyon Trips

A 100-mile journey takes place on the Western Canyon rafting tours. They occur in the Colorado River's Westernmost section. It begins at Whitmore Wash and ends at Lake Mead. The adventure starts and finishes in Las Vegas. Guests are picked up and returned to the Desert Rose Resort, Las Vegas Marriott or McCarren Airport, all located minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.


The trip includes a flight from Las Vegas to Bar 10 Ranch, a 10,000-acre cattle ranch where a delicious lunch and dinner are served that feature all-natural, grass-fed beef. The first day is almost always spent on the ranch with the opportunities to enjoy horseback riding, a country-western program, ranching demonstrations, ATVs, skeet shooting, volleyball or hiking the beautiful land. You'll have our choice to sleep in a room at the Bar 10 Ranch lodge, on the rooftop patio in a cot, or under the stars on a double mattress Conestoga covered wagon.

The following morning, after a delicious breakfast, you make a helicopter trip into Grand Canyon National Park to continue your adventure. The adventure is suitable for all fitness levels, including children. There is no strenuous hike at the beginning or end of the trip. The nearly 100-mile rafting leg of the adventure includes more than 13 low- to medium-intensity rapids (including 5 rapids rated 5 or above on a 1-10 rating scale) as well as and smooth flowing water.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Food or Camping Gear?

All meals and camping gear is included. You wake up every morning to fresh-brewed coffee and rushing water sounds mingled with sleepy voices that echo through the Canyon. Breakfast is your choice of a hearty, hot meal or something light.

The camp is then taken down, and the rafts loaded. As the Colorado River beckons, you are off to continue your journey and experience another day of your adventure. You enjoy spectacular canyon river rafting over whitewater rapids and stretches of calm water, where you can enjoy breathtaking scenery and relax in the warm sun.

At lunchtime, build a delicious sandwich, a cold drink, and spend some time reading, hiking, or fishing before taking off for an afternoon of surprises. Late in the afternoon, you camp for the evening. While the crew sets up the kitchen, there is time to find the perfect camping spot and set up for the night.

Relax with hors d 'oeuvres and a refreshing drink as you become better acquainted with your river companions. Dinner sizzles on the grill. After indulging in a mouthwatering meal, you can join the group conversation or climb into your sleeping bag, blanketed by the stars.

For many, canyon river rafting on the Colorado River is an experience of a lifetime. The dramatic contrast of calm waters and thrilling whitewater, unimaginably beautiful scenery, guides that know the Colorado River better than anyone, and spectacular meals set the scene for an excellent adventure.

What Are the Different Lengths of Trips from Which to Choose?

Grand Canyon rafting trips are more than a tour. There are multi-day expeditions that have an empowering effect on your travel along the Colorado River through world-renowned whitewater or hike to unbelievable places. You are entirely unplugged from the distractions above.

It is easy to spend quality time with family and friends - new and old. Each day ends with a hearty meal and camping under the stars. Grand Canyon rafting tours last for a variety of durations. The number of miles and the route determine the number of days. Advantage Grand Canyon offers river trips that range from three days traveling 88 miles to 18 days traveling 280 miles.

3-5 Day Trips

Three- to five-day trips are available on the Upper, Lower, and Western routes. The Upper and Lower routes are traveled by motor raft because only then can you trail this distance in such a short amount of time. On the Western route, there are options of motor, oar, or dory rafts. Three- to five-day rafting trips are an excellent way to experience camping and rafting in the Grand Canyon for a few days.

Lower and Upper river trips require a strenuous hike at the beginning and end. The Western Grand Canyon river rafting trips do not. Three-day rafting trips are the shortest available. They are some of the most popular options available for the Western and Upper canyon routes.

Upper river trips take four days. They begin at Lees Ferry and end with a hike up the Bright Angel Trail. Lower trips are five to six days in length. They begin with a hike into the Canyon. Western river trips las three to five days. They require no hiking and on this western route, guests are transported into the Canyon by helicopter.

6-9 Day Trips

Six to nine day trips are available on the Upper, Lower, and Full Canyon. You will see part of the Canyon on Upper and Lower routes on a non-motor raft. Full Canyon rafting trips (6-8 days in length) are on a motor raft. Upper and Lower Grand Canyon rafting trips require a hike at the beginning and end. Full Canyon trips do not.

Six to nine-day Grand Canyon rafting trips are ideal for those who are looking for a unique experience for an extended time. These canyon rafting trips are available in motor, oar, paddle, hybrid, and dory options. The non-motor raft trips that navigate the Lower and Upper Canyon routes require a 7.5 - 9.5-mile hike on the Bright Angel Trail. Full canyon raft trips do not require this strenuous hike as you are driven to the launch point and exit either by helicopter or a drive out of the canyon.

Guests for six- to eight-day trips meet at Marble Canyon, AZ, Page, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ, or Las Vegas, NV. The route for six- to eight-day Full Canyon motor trips begins at Lees Ferry and ends at either Lake Mead (280 miles), Diamond Creek (225 miles), or Whitmore Wash (188 miles - helicopter exit).

Six- to seven-day Upper Canyon non-motor trips also meet in Marble Canyon, AZ, Page, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ or Las Vegas, NV however all launch at Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon . The route ends at Bright Angel Trail, South Rim, or Grand Canyon Village. It is an 88-mile trip. Seven- to nine-day Lower Canyon non-motor trips almost always at the Grand Canyon Village, or South Rim, and seldom in Flagstaff, AZ. You begin this trip with a 7.5-9.5 mile hike into the canyon via the Bright Angel Trail the morning of your trip start. Just as with full canyon trips, there are three end options - Lake Mead, Diamond Creek, or Bright Angel Trail.

12 - 18 Day Trips

Twelve to 18-day trips are Full Canyon river trips. There is no motor option for this duration as only a slower paced non-motor trip can offer extended raft trips in Grand Canyon. These extended Grand Canyon river trips allow guests to see all of the Canyon in 12 to 18 days. There is no required hiking at start or end as in partial canyon trips. Guests meet at Marble Canyon, AZ, Page, AZ, Flagstaff, AZ, and Las Vegas, NV. The route begins at Lees Ferry. There are three end options. - Lake Mead (280 miles), Diamond Creek (225 miles), Whitmore Wash (188 miles).

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