Full Canyon Colorado River Rafting


Full Canyon trips cover both the Upper and Lower sections of the Colorado River. There are multiple exit points (river miles 188, 225 and 280) and trip durations offered by the many outfitters and their unique itineraries. Starting at Lee’s Ferry in magnificent Marble Canyon, you’ll see all of the canyon’s details including some of the best white water river rafting around. There are over 42 major rapids rated 5 or above on a 1-10 rating scale which makes Colorado River rafting a unique experience for adventure seekers from all over the world.


Rapids include House Rock, Unkar, Hance, Sockdolager, Zoroaster, Lava Falls, Hermit, and many others. Highlights include the turquoise blue waters at the confluence of the little Colorado river as well as Havasupai creek. The Redwall cavern is another remarkable attraction and many amazing chasms and waterfalls on a full canyon river trip. This is the best of the best!

As the days pass you’ll get more and more comfortable in the Grand Canyon, arriving at a new campsite each late afternoon and dining river-side. Delicious food that will amaze, the most incredible views and sleeping under the stars are just a precursor to waking up to one of the most magnificent sunrises you’ll ever see. Not only will your qualified and talented river guides prepare gourmet meals, but they are also well versed in geology, wildlife, canyon lore and trained in first aid for emergency situations.

Each morning you will enjoy waking up to freshly brewed coffee and a hearty breakfast. After camp has been taken down and boats loaded, you will spend several hours on and off of the river with one or two side canyon hikes each day. Depending on your location on the river, some days you will hike more and travel less, and others travel more and hike less. Your guides, who each have their own specialty be it geology, history, canyon lore, etc. will entertain you with endless knowledge while you enjoy the views of the million-year-old rock walls surrounding you.

All of the meals are prepared for you, and all camping gear is included. While at camp you have your choice either sleeping inside a tent or under the stars on a comfortable cot or sleeping pad, with a warm sleeping bag & sheet. Dry bags are also supplied so you can protect your items from water.

At Trips End

Depending on the outfitter’s itinerary, there are multiple take out points with no hike-out responsibility. The Whitmore Wash (Helipad) at river mile 188 includes a short helicopter ride to Bar 10 Ranch. From there a charter plane will return you to either your starting point or Las Vegas. Diamond Creek Road at river mile 225 includes ground transport to Flagstaff or Las Vegas. Lake Mead at river mile 280 includes a jet-boat ride from river mile 240 arriving at 280 where ground transport will return you to Las Vegas or your starting point.

Transportation Options for Full Canyon Colorado River Rafting

Transportation: Meeting locations depend on itineraries which vary from one outfitter to the next. Return transportation also depends on some trips to end at the South Rim, while others include transportation to Flagstaff.
Las Vegas, NV: Trip may start here or you may use as a hub and take a charter flight to Marble Canyon if the trip begins there
Marble Canyon, AZ: Fly to Las Vegas, Charter flight to Marble Canyon or Drive from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon (4.5 hours) or from Phoenix to Marble Canyon (4 hours)
Page, AZ: Fly into Page by way of Phoenix, or arrive in Phoenix and drive to Page 4.5 hours
Flagstaff, AZ: Fly into Flagstaff, or drive from Phoenix via car or shuttle service (2-4 hours) or from Las Vegas via car or shuttle service (4-6 hours)