Ideal White Water Rafting Shoes for Raft Trip


Ideal White Water Rafting Shoes for Your Comfort Baffled by boots and flustered by footwear? Look no further, our Advantage Grand Canyon Adventure Rafting team has your rafting answers! The selection of athletic-geared shoes has skyrocketed in recent years. As consumers, we?re overwhelmed with more choices than ever, making the selection process confusing and time consuming. We?ve got a few simple tips that will help you decide what kickers are best for your Grand Canyon romping. First and foremost, if it isn?t comfortable and broken-in, don?t even think about bringing it along. The worst disservice you can do to yourself (and others whose ears are party to your grumbles) is wear a shiny new pair of shoes or hiking boots that will chafe at your toes and blister your heals. You?re better off bringing a holey pair of decade-old tennis shoes than attempting your trip with wearing new shoes. [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" aspect_ratio="16:9" maxwidth="700" grow="no"] Expect whatever shoes you bring to get dirty and, potentially, to be destroyed by the end. You?re not hiking down a well-paved city sidewalk, folks.

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What Type of White Water Rafting Shoes?

We?re out in the wilderness, hopping off the rafts, hiking among cactuses, wading through creeks, skipping over mud puddles?you get the idea. Bring shoes that will dry quickly so you won?t have to change your footgear multiple times a day. You can choose a waterproof boot, but bear in mind that you may step in water that?s deeper than your shoe is high. Water will seep in, your boot won?t dry, and the combo will make for considerable discomfort and perpetually pruney toes. Make sure your footwear is lightweight ? you will be carrying it and wet, dirty shoes get heavy. If you elect to wear sandals, they must have a heel strap or you?re certain to lose one sandal after the very first rapid. Close-toed sandals will prevent you from excruciating pain should you decide to vent your frustrations by kicking a rock. Also, check that your shoes have a nice, thick sole with a non-slip tread so you?re not slipping over wet rocks or falling on your raft mates in the boat.  


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Choices that are not ideal: -Heavy Hiking Boots -Flip Flops with no toe protection -Any brand new shoe or sandal that is not broken in