White Water Rafting Trips: Feel the Adrenaline Rush!

Why Are Whitewater Rafting Trips Fun and Thrilling?

Thrilling White Water Rafting Trips by AdvantageHave you ever tried a thrilling and adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity such as whitewater rafting? If you haven’t yet then this is the time that you should consider it. Rafting is an exciting activity that has become popular since the mid 1970s. Because of the dangers and risks that may be encountered, it is considered one of the most extreme outdoor activities that any sport and adventure enthusiast can try. If you’re one of the many people who are now getting more concerned about their lifestyle, then you may be considering outdoor activities such as white water rafting trips as a way to maintain a healthy and fit body. If you haven’t tried braving whitewater rapids, then it may be high time to learn about rafting.

What is whitewater rafting?

It’s an adventure sport that is done in the white water stretches of many rivers with an inflatable boat or raft. The strong and extreme current and turbulence in the water makes it very thrilling. The main goal of this sport is to maneuver and navigate the raft through rapids or turbulent waters, often times taking you over rocks and drops, without capsizing the raft.

In the past, traditional rafts were used to transport people and agricultural products. Today, the traditional design has evolved into a modern and more flexible raft. We can now see different sizes and colors of inflatable rafts. Being inflatable makes it easier for the raft to be brought anywhere. It will only consume a small amount of space during travel to the river or body of water where you want to go rafting. Usually, the inflatable rafts have bright colors to make it more visible and easier for rescue if accidents happen.

What makes rafting so thrilling?

There are many good reasons why you should try whitewater rafting and challenging the strong currents of a river or other bodies of water that flow continuously. One is the fact that you have to address the challenge of staying on your raft while the strong currents of water keep pushing against it. Of course, you need to have great focus and concentration when paddling because one wrong move may turn the raft upside down. It is essential to have a strong body and flexible muscles to be able to paddle against the river's swift current. To succeed in overcoming the strength of the water, you must have great body and mind coordination. Both your whole body and mind are going to be worked out whenever you go whitewater rafting.

Another reason why rafting is thrilling is because you can go with other people who have the same mindset. Your friends or companions can help you in dealing with the risks of rafting against the wild waters. To succeed in the activity, you and the rest of your team must have great communication and coordination to navigate the raft in the right direction. In this way, the team can avoid obstacles that may damage or turn the raft upside down. In addition, working together to achieve one common goal strengthens the bond between the team members. Rafting also improves the team?s understanding of how each member thinks. Lastly, rafting is a great outdoor activity because you get to bond with the environment. There is no better workout than working out with nature. With these thrilling reasons, you should definitely try whitewater rafting. Bring your closest friends, family members or athletic partners with you to the nearest river in your area and start enjoying whitewater rafting today.

What To Expect In Whitewater Rafting

Rivers have grade levels dependent on the current, size of rapids, magnitude of rapids and navigational technique needed to travel downstream. Whitewater rafting has stages and varying levels of intensity depending on the level of the water.

If you have been whitewater rafting for quite some time or are an adventure seeker and wish to experience more excitement in this exhilarating activity, whitewater rafting on a Grade IV and V levels river will surely excite you. Grade IV waters have more rapids and bigger waves; some rocks and a drop can also be considered. Grade V whitewater rafting, often has large waves with more volume, have more rocks making it more technical to navigate the rapids, and large drops may also be expected, depending on the river and rapid. In this level, precise and accurate maneuvering is necessary. Obviously, inherent risks and dangers should be anticipated.

Whitewater rafting in a Grade VI level river is considered to be dangerous, as the rapids are extremely treacherous. The waves and the rocks are huge and the drops are considered very hazardous. It is not advisable to go rafting in this level of water. The threat of severe injuries and even deaths are very high in this area compared to the lower grades. In any level that you wish to try, it is very important that you wear the proper gear and equipment. You have to be aware of all the guidelines, parameters and strategies to be able to avoid any form of danger. With the right knowledge, proper training and experience, whitewater rafting can be the best outdoor sport activity for you.

Do I Need Experience?

If you are not a hard core outdoor individual, experienced rafter, well trained and athletic, don’t worry! Believe it or not, even a child as young as three years old can have a feel of what this exciting activity brings. There are a lot of options for families, which are mild in intensity. In fact, Grand Canyon rafting trips require no previous rafting skills as the guides are navigating the rapids, with the exception of a paddle raft however even in this case, no experience is necessary. The guide sits at the back of the raft and directs you and the other passengers as you dig into the water.

Grade I waters mean that there are only little or few rough areas in the water. It means rapids are easy and not rough. It also requires just a little maneuvering. All passengers and guests are obligated to wear life jackets as a precaution whichever grade of water you wish to conquer. However, do not misinterpret the fact that these trips are not exciting because you will be rafting through many class 7, 8, 9 and 10's on a 1 - 10 rating scale in the Grand Canyo, not to mention incredible side canyon excursions with beautiful scenery. The magic of whitewater rafting is that it does not only provide a rush while on the river, but it also offers the possibility to combine other memorable experiences including hiking to notable attractions and natural waterfalls as well as camping at a new location down river each night for multi-day rafting trips. These trips will entertain, energize and relax you.

If you’re considering to raft the Colorado River in Grand Canyon, your highly skilled guides will not only navigate the river safely, but also prepare incredible meals for you during your multi day raft trip. For more information on Grand Canyon rafting, please contact us or search for your trip by clicking the banner below!