Equipment Provided


Camping Gear Tent w: Dry Bags

On commercial rafting trips, all of the necessary equipment needed for your trip is provided for you.  The list of equipment provided below is typically what is included however varies slightly from one outfitter to another. Once you have selected your trip, you will receive a specific trip packet will have a more accurate list of included items. At orientation, which is either the night prior to your trip’s start date or the morning of, you will be given the following:

Ammo Can

Dry bags

Dry bags have a number assigned to them and will be yours for the duration of your trip- typically 3 and dimensions vary
*1 large dry bag (approx. 26X 16 when closed) to carry your clothing, hygiene products etc. Only accessible at camp.
*1 large dry bag (approx. 26X 16 when closed) to carry your sleep gear (provided for you) Only accessible at camp.
*1 small dry bag (20X12) to carry your personal articles. Accessible all day
*Ammo Can (12X7X6) on most motor rafts. Hard shell water proof case for additional storage of more precious articles.




Sleep Kit

*Sleeping Bag
*Sleeping Sheet
*Ground Sheet/Tarp
*Cot (most motor trips)
*Sleeping pad (all non-motor trips)
*Pillow (offered only by few outfitters)

Camping Chairs


*Chairs on most motor raft trips
*Drinking mug/cup
*Plates, utensils
*Unlimited supply of drinking water





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