Tips to Enjoying Your Whitewater Rafting Excursions

Visiting the Grand Canyon is one of the items on many bucket lists. Whether it is attempting to conquer a Class 10 rapid with safe navigation from your guide, or exploring the flora and fauna of the valley floor, there?s simply so much you can do at this fantastic natural marvel. To really enjoy the true beauty of the canyon itself, a raft trip is the best way to do this as here are many attractions only accessible from the river. Here are some tips to choosing the best Grand Canyon rafting trips for you and your family.

Consider How Many Days You Want To Spend Rafting

whitewater raftingRafting trips in the Grand Canyon typically range in as short as a day to as long as 18 days. Each of these trips are primarily designed for the specific requirements of visitors. For instance, Advantage Grand Canyon typically has 4 different major trip classifications based on the number of days that clients want to spend in the river. You can choose an ultra-short day raft trip, a short 3 to 5 day trip, a moderately long 6 to 9 day rafting trip, or even a lengthy 12 to 18 day trip. Each of these trips will again have a variety of selections often depending on which part of the canyon you would like to explore as well as the type of river vessel you are going to use. While everyone's schedules and travel windows are different, there are options to accommodate every traveler's needs. An important thing to remember is that the shorter the trip, the less of the Grand Canyon you will be able to see and experience. The longer the trip, the more attractions rapids and magic you will experience. Some, with unlimited vacation time, get to experience life in this paradise and the incredible advantages of being away from civilization for up to 3 weeks at a time. Determine Which Part of the Canyon You Want to Explore As already explained above, you will also need to consider what part of the Grand Canyon you want to explore. Typically the canyon is divided into an Upper Canyon and a Lower Canyon as well as a West Canyon section which is, in essence, an extension of a lower canyon trip. Each of these canyon trips provides a variety of experiences complete with a hike and whitewater river rafting as part of every trip option.  Keep in mind that Upper canyon trips require a strenuous 9.5 mile hike up and out of the canyon while Lower canyon trips require the same Bright Angel Trail hike but descending into the canyon to begin the raft trip. Full Canyon and Western Canyon trips avoid this strenuous hike. Decide Whether to Take a Motorized Trip or Non-Motorized There are two basic types of transportation along the river in the Grand Canyon: motorized or non-motorized. If you have a shorter travel window, wish cover more ground in less time, more comfortable seating options and often more time off the raft, opt for the motorized trips. If you want a more intimate experience with the water, more one on one time with your guide, don't mind traveling at the speed of the river (3-4mph), then a non-motorized trip is ideal for you. These come in many different raft types: Oar, Paddle, Hybrid and Dory. Oar rafts are powered by the guide who sits in the middle of the vessel and rows down the river much like someone would if rowing on a lake for fishing. Paddle rafts consist of 6-8 passengers sitting along the edge of the raft with a single paddle in hand, leaning over the edge of the raft and digging into the water in order to propel the raft forward. The guide sits in the back and commands/guides the raft down the river. This is a by far the most active and demanding raft type which is certainly not for everyone due to the nature of this demanding trip type. Hybrid is a combination of Oar rafts and a Paddle raft. This option gives the passenger an option to either sit back and enjoy the ride in an oar raft or be more hands on in a paddle raft. Dory boats are also powered by the guide just like Oar rafts however the hard shell gives for a slightly more bumpy ride as it reacts quicker and maneuvers faster then the inflatable oar raft. The Grand Canyon offers a lot of fascinating things to do. You only need to plan your rafting trip very well to get the most off your adventures.