Tips to Choosing the Best Grand Canyon Rafting Trips for You

Rafting Tours in the Grand Canyon Whitewater rafting excursions or trips can be very exciting, fun-filled, and a journey that brings family members closer. You?d also get the chance to explore the unspoiled and pristine beauty of this incredible ecosystem, far from the hustle and bustle of heavily polluted and highly stressful city living. No Facebook, Twitter, Email, voicemail, video games or Instagram at the bottom of the canyon to distract you, and believe us when we say this alone is very therapeutic. Here are some tips to help you really enjoy your whitewater rafting excursions. Plan Well Ahead of Time The best way to enjoy your rafting experience is to plan well ahead of time. Millions of tourists and visitors to the Grand Canyon often plan their trips plenty in advance.  While most of them simply travel to the South Rim for photos and amazing vistas, only a handful actually take the opportunity to raft the Colorado river. While these Grand Canyon raft trips are not inexpensive,   the experience is one of a kind and often becomes the best vacation of all time according to our past clients.  While most trips begin booking about a year in advance, we are often able to accommodate and find guests trips with just a month or two prior to launch.

Choose the Rafting Trip That Is Best For You

With thousands of launches per season, these trips come in many different flavors. The first thing to decide is whether or not you wish to hike 9.5 miles or not as required on certain routes. Next is to narrow down how many days you have allotted for this adventure as this will dictate how far you can travel down the river. Lastly, the route which is best for you based: Upper, Lower, Western or Full. Choose the Best Raft Type  Whether you chose a motorized raft that travels faster (still only 8-9 mph) down the river and allows you to see nearly twice as much in a day then all other raft type options, or a slower paced (3-4 mph) more intimate experience with the river in a smaller Dory, Paddle or Oar raft, all options are sure to satisfy your needs. Choose the Best Month to Raft A great article to read on the Best Time For Grand Canyon Rafting is found on Tripadvisor. This article will take you through what to expect weather-wise on each month. Keep in mind the commercial rafting season is between April and October each year as it is just too cold to raft outside of this travel window. We at Advantage Grand Canyon have rafted the Grand Canyon in every raft type available as well as every month and every route! We can help explain the many options and assist you in determining the right fit based on your preferences and needs. We look forward to assisting you!