Making the Most of Your Rafting Tours out West

rafting tours west The Grand Canyon provides a variety of adventure options for different folks. While many take to the South Rim for its spectacular views and fascinating rapids, the West is never far behind with its own unique charms. Here’s how you can make the most of your rafting tours out west. Making a rafting tour on the Grand Canyon’s West Rim inadvertently takes you to experience the great legacy of the Hualapai nation. Here, you’ll be treated to the age-old traditions of the native hunter-gatherers who have been calling the area their home for past several centuries. The Hualapai civilization of old covered no less than 5 million acres of land that stretched from the floor of the Grand Canyon all the way to the mighty Santa Maria river down south as well as from the majestic Black Mountains extending eastward all the way to the pine-forested peaks of San Francisco. Explore their values as well as their traditions that have been engraved in cave walls.

Guano Point makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s one of the most photographed part of the Canyon especially by landscape photographers who would like to immortalize the golden rays of the sun setting in the west with the eerily spectacular foreground of the canyon’s jagged edges providing the floor. Leave your raft for a few hours and hike up a trail and you’ll be treated to one of the most heavenly sights you’ll ever get. If you feel like conquering your fear of heights, you’ll need to try the Skywalk of the Grand Canyon. Hanging over a cliff some 4,000 feet above the Grand Canyon’s hard floor, the Skywalk is never for the faint of heart. Designed to both give an intense feeling of levitation and a superb 360-degree view of the canyon floor, walls, and sky, the Skywalk never fails to freeze certain individuals dead in their tracks. The vertigo you’ll get has been described by some as one of the most excruciating you will ever experience. Another iconic structure you simply need to visit to make the most of your West Rim tour is the Hoover Dam.

Dubbed as an engineering marvel even in present times, visiting the Hoover is like going back in time to learn more of the feats of the people who struggled to survive in the canyon’s otherwise inhospitable terrain. Yet, the dam itself is also proof of man’s resilience against any adversity. Of course, for day trippers like those served by Advantage Grand Canyon, viewing the West Rim and the rest of the Grand Canyon in all its splendor is best achieved on an aerial view of the landscape. Going on a helicopter ride hovering at several thousands of feet above the floor of the canyon will give you an entirely different perspective of this beautiful place. The Grand Canyon has many things to offer including the West Rim's very popular attractions. Give a call today or click the banner below to search for your trip!