All-inclusive Grand Canyon Rafting Trips

A Colorado River rafting trip through the entire Grand Canyon is on practically every rafter's bucket list in the world. No words can describe the splendor of the views that behold your eyes as you flow through about 300 miles of the mile-deep gorge.

The multicolored rock layers practically reveal earth's beautiful history, while the rapids offer a mix of knuckle-biting thrills and playful ruffles. Amid all this side canyon hiking, we keep you amazed with the scenic overlooks and the opportunity to frolic in waterfalls, relish the shade of camping in canyons and caverns and swim in aqua blue pools.

While most outfitters end their advantage Grand Canyon adventure at 188 river miles, we take you beyond Lake Mead. We know that most of our guests come here for so many reasons and don't just want to go on a rafting trip but an all-inclusive rafting trip. Our trips leave you memories that last a lifetime upon experiencing everything the Grand Canyon has to offer.

What comes in all-inclusive Grand Canyon rafting trips?

Many wonder what 'all-inclusive' means when it comes to the rafting industry. Here's what you can and cannot expect in our all-inclusive trips. That's when you will realize why a white water rafting trip is one of the best all-inclusive adventure vacations around!

Meals and food

It doesn't matter if you are on the river, in a motorcoach, or in transit. We provide all meals through the expedition, starting right from departure till you return. Some of our travel packages even offer the flexibility of letting you explore local cuisine while in Utah (Salt Lake City), Costa Rica, and Moab.

Gear and equipment

We believe in providing our guests and guides with quality equipment and gear, and it's an integral part of our all-inclusive adventure expedition. We provide equipments you need when you board our Colorado River rafting trip.

It includes dry bags, sleeping gear, a tent, personal storage boxes, and a complete clothing list with all the personal equipment you will need to be as comfortable as possible through the expedition. All you need to bring along is a personal duffel bag!


Rafting trips are generally relaxing as you absorb the scenic views of spots like Diamond Creek and Lava Falls. All you have to do is hold on tight, keep yourself hydrated and eat or sleep as necessary. But if you want to do something else to make your adventure even more memorable, all you have to do is mention this while making your booking.

We have hikes to offer in the daytime, the opportunity to go swimming in a waterfall oasis, and even let you enjoy some impromptu live music performances. In short, if you want something unique, all you have to do is ask, and we take care to place it right in front of you.


Each river trip is unique, whether you want to raft the Upper Canyon or Lower Canyon or if you want to start from the South Rim, Lake Powell, Peach Springs, or Glen Canyon dam. Each trip has its independent logistics system to carry you from one point to another and back again.

You can choose between using only paddle boats and rafts or jet boats, helicopters, and ground shuttles to and from the river. These costs are generally all-inclusive; all you have to do is reach the starting point. While we can make arrangements to meet you in a different starting spot that's more convenient for you, it comes with an additional cost.

Logistics and Guide

It's all thanks to the guide's experience, knowledge, and story-telling skills that you leave the expedition with so many wonderful memories. While we do not include gratuities in our price, you can find relevant details in each trip's packing list. However, be rest assured; you don't have to take out your wallet every time you use a service throughout the adventure.

Our trip package also includes transportation costs to and from Las Vegas, and some are also inclusive of your hotel accommodation. Not many rafting services offer these services. It's our way of ensuring you genuinely experience an all-inclusive adventure, where you don't have to worry about anything except booking your expedition.

We take care of and cover everything else. You just have to put in your enthusiasm and excitement, and you take back some treasured memories with you.

How to Plan your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

We have a host of river trips to select from and plan with. For example, we have trips through the Grand Canyon starting from Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry. We also have rafting trips that either start or end at Whitmore Wash by helicopter and others starting or ending at Phantom Ranch. We recommend these trips for guests who prefer going on extended hiking trips, as they get an opportunity to hike in and out of the Grand Canyon.

How to Plan your Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

You get to choose the right trip based on the amenities offered, the length of the trip, and whether you want a motor raft, Non-motor (oar rafts, kayak, or paddleboat). Most of our all-inclusive river tours on the Colorado River range from a minimum of a day expedition to anywhere between 3-14 days in length. It depends on how well you want to explore and raft the Grand Canyon because it takes at least 8 days to cover the entire canyon.

You can take a look at our database of raft trips compiled by our 15 outfitters located across the canyon. We have all the travel details and itinerary parameters you will need to decide on your ideal trips like the trip duration, the start and endpoints, rates, equipment selection, and activity route schedule.

How to Select the Right Raft for your trip

Our white water raft travel trips in Grand Canyon National Park are an adventure in itself.

You get to enjoy jaw-dropping clifftop views and the cool, rich grottos in the canyon corridor. When it comes to Colorado River's whitewater rapids, they range from a grade of 1 to 10, with 1o being the most challenging rapids to traverse. You also get to go hiking through the many hidden canyon sides, experience the many waterfalls and can spend nights gazing at the stars while camping near canyons.

When it comes to finalizing your travel plans, you will have to decide on the right raft for your trip based on these raft options:

  • Motor rafts provide the most efficient route to travel across the Colorado River. Besides, these boats comfortably carry six to eight people with your gear and equipment.
  • Paddle rafts are also perfect for your Grand Canyon river rafting adventure. Adventure-seekers can do the paddling through the trip, while others can opt to have their guide do the paddling while they just soak in the beautiful scenes.
  • Dory rafts are quite a rarity through Colorado, with only a few raft operators offering them.

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