Grand Canyon Adventure at Lee’s Ferry

Lee’s Ferry is a unique spot that is a must-see during any trip to the Grand Canyon. Not only is the location very strategic, but it is also a place steeped in history.

What Makes Lee’s Ferry Special?

It Marks the Beginning Of The Grand Canyon

Lees Ferry is officially the border between Glen Canyon and the Grand Canyon, as well as a natural border splitting Northern Arizona and Utah. Because of its location, millions of tourists head over here to begin their rafting trip down the Colorado River and into the heart of the Grand Canyon.

It Was The First Crossing For The Colorado River

Visiting Lees Ferry AZ is not just for those who want to enjoy the scenery, but also for those who like a bit of history. The fact is, for almost 60 years, the ferry was the only way to cross the Colorado River. It was much later on replaced by the Navajo bridge built a couple of miles downstream (which is now part of the present-day Route 89). It is one of only 2 bridges that cross the Colorado River between Hoover Dam and Hite, Utah.

It Is Historical

Without John D Lee Lees Ferry will not exist. Also called Lonely Dell, he and his 17 wives settled there. Desolate and out of reach from the authorities (Lonely Dell was on the run for some crimes), it was the perfect spot to hide. While it does not end well for Lonely Dell, his name and legacy live on.

Close to the old ferry area are still some historical buildings from the time of John D Lee. Between 1871 and 1928, it has seen visitors from all walks of life, from tourists to miners, Indians, and pioneers looking to cross the river.

It Is Easily Accessed By Car

One unique feature of Lees Ferry is that it is the only site in Glen Canyon wherein the Colorado River can be accessed by car (there are over 700 miles in Glen Canyon without any river access).

The Adventure Begins Here

Lees Ferry of today is still hustling and bustling because of the hundreds of visitors starting their adventures here. Because both the Glen and Grand Canyon are close by, fishermen looking for the top picks at Glen Canyon Dam pass by here. Rafting trips down the Grand Canyon also begin here, and there is a seemingly endless number of hiking trails, canyons, and desert ridges that are close by.

Few Words

Exploring the Grand Canyon National Park and the Colorado River is an experience like no other, and there is definitely no lack of interesting locations that should be in your bucket list of things you just have to see in your lifetime. Lees Ferry Arizona is not just the natural start of the Grand Canyon, it is where your river ferry adventure should also begin.

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