3 Tips In Deciding The Length Of A Grand Canyon Rafting Trip

A Grand Canyon rafting trip may range from 3-18 days in length. There are 3 simple tips to help you decide which length trip is right for you:

1. To hike, or not to hike 9.5 miles via the Bright Angel Trail You can Download Bright Angel Trail Information Sheet Here from the National Park Service

Here is a map of the Kaibab to Bright Angel Trail

Kaibab to Bright Angel Trail 2. Which raft type to choose

3. Don?t forget the pre-trip and post-trip travel day Tip 1: Hike or No Hike? The first tip to help you in deciding the length of Grand Canyon rafting trip that you should take, is to ask yourself if you would like to hike the Bright Angel Trail. If traveling on an Upper Canyon Route (3-8 days in length) or Lower Canyon Route (4-10 days in length) rafting trip, you will be required to hike the Bright Angel Trail. The Bright Angel trail is rated strenuous by the National Park Service, ranging 7.5 - 9.5 miles in length, with an elevation change of 5,000 vertical feet. Upper Canyon trips finish with a hike out of Grand Canyon, and Lower Canyon trips start with a hike into Grand Canyon.

If you decide that you would not like to hike the Bright Angel Trail upon the start or finish of your trip, you can elect to do a Full Canyon (6-18 days in length) which begins at river mile 0 and ends with a helicopter or drive out of the canyon, or Western Canyon (3-5 days in length) trip which begins with a helicopter ride into the canyon and a drive out at trip?s end. Tip 2: Motor or Non-Motor Raft Type There are many different raft types offered by the outfitters: Motor Rafts and Non-Motor Rafts which are made up of Oar, Paddle, combination of the two called a Hybrid and lastly Dory boats. Because the launch and take-out locations along the river are at minimum 88 river miles apart, a motor raft traveling 8-9 mph is able to cover more ground each day shortening trip durations to about half the time that it would take a non-motor raft traveling 3-4mph. This means that full canyon motor trips take 6-8 days compared to 12-18 days in a non-motor raft. Additionally, Upper motor trips take 3-4 days vs. 6-7 days and lower canyon motor trips take 4-6 days compared to 7-9 days in a non-motor raft trip. Tip 3: Add a full day for both pre and post trip travel; you will appreciate the extra time! When determining the length of your Grand Canyon rafting trip, don?t forget to add a full day travel to your pre and post trip logistics. With the exception of Western canyon trips, all Grand Canyon Raft trips require you to add a pre trip travel day, and most post trip logistics are made less stressful when you add another day for traveling home. If you are interested in a partial canyon trip (upper or lower canyon), you will also need to take a full travel day prior to your trip for Lower Canyon trips which begin at the south rim in Grand Canyon Village, or a full travel day post trip for Upper Canyon trips, which end at the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village. Western Canyon trips allow you the opportunity to fly into and out of Las Vegas on the same starting and finishing day of your trip.