Glen Canyon Rafting Half Day & One Day

Our Half, Full-day and 2 or 3 day smooth water trips are an excellent option for those who are short on time yet want to experience rafting on the Colorado river. On these guided 1/2 day motorized and 1/2 or 1, 2 or 3 day self-guided Kayak trips, you'll be surrounded by the majestic canyon walls that connect the Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon. Our tours on the Colorado River are offered between March and October for 1/2 day guided motorized and February through October for self-guided kayak adventures, in 2024. The motorized tour is currently available for groups 6 or more who have their own transportation to Less Ferry, Marble Canyon AZ. These excursions will commence and conclude at that location.  The self-guided Kayak trips also begin and end at Lees Ferry in Marble and on these adventures, you'll be motored up-river to begin your trip, and kayak back down to Lees Ferry to end your adventure, where you parked your vehicle. Lees Ferry is an imaginary line where the Glen Canyon National park ends and Grand Canyon begins. Our Colorado river tours travel either 15 river miles when beginning the float portion of the trip at the base of the Glen Canyon Dam (Kayak trips) or 10 miles (Motor and Kayak trips) when put in at petroglyph beach. 

Half Day Guided Motorized Raft Trips

You will board the boat at Less Ferry and for a scenic backhaul boat ride up river past horseshoe bend at which point, the boat will turn around and float back down river. During this time you'll step into an invigorating 3.5-hour educational voyage via motorcraft through the immaculate waters of Glen Canyon – an indelible escapade for our shared guests! Stand in awe of the majestic 1400ft sandstone walls enveloping you as our seasoned guides unravel enthralling tales about the vibrant history of the indigenous peoples who once thrived in this extraordinary locale. Envision a pause at a captivating petroglyph panel, where our knowledgeable guides will submerge your group in the ancient enigmas of the region. Indulge in the diverse array of wildlife that graces the landscape, ensuring each moment is an unparalleled encounter with nature.

Your guides are not merely experts but also impassioned narrators, eager to divulge the mysteries and marvels of Glen Canyon to your group. This isn't just a journey – it's an odyssey of exploration, an opportunity for our guests to forge a connection with the splendor and history that render Glen Canyon and the Colorado River incomparable destinations.

The absolute pinnacle of experiencing the serene grandeur of the Colorado River is aboard our half-day Horseshoe Bend Raft Trip. This is a genuine delight for individuals of all ages and abilities. It's tranquil, picturesque, and uplifting as you gently drift 15 miles down the river, with stops at some of its most awe-inspiring sights.

Marble Canyon Start & End:
Parties of 6 OR More - Currently Booking for 2024 BOOK HERE
For groups of 6 or more with their own transportation to Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon, these excursions will commence and conclude at that location. Lees Ferry is situated 2.5 hours from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and 4.5 hours from both Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ.

Page, AZ Start & End: 
Not Yet Booking For 2024
Currently, the status of the 1/2 day trips starting and ending in Page, AZ for 2024 remains uncertain. Please fill out this form, and we'll notify you if/when they become available for booking.
On this half-day trip, you'll meet in Page, AZ and be driven to Lees Ferry where you will board a motorized pontoon to begin your float trip. You will learn about the canyon's history from your knowledgeable guide as you travel downstream on this guided smooth water float trip. Breathtaking views will leave you speechless as you gaze at the canyon walls standing thousands of feet in the air on either side of you. You will also make a stop to see ancient petroglyphs left by Ancestral Puebloans in this 200 million year old canyon. You will drive up river and float back down through Horseshoe Bend to Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon, the start of Grand Canyon. Upon completion, you will board an air conditioned motor coach for the ride back to Page, AZ. Cold water and Lemonade is provided on the raft.

Half Day Motor Rafting - Guided BOOK HERE

Grand Canyon Rafting Half Day Tours



About The Rafts
These motorized pontoon rafts comfortably seat up to 22 passengers and run on quiet, clean and fuel-efficient outboard Honda marine motors. There will be plenty of moments when you'll quietly float down the river with the motor turned off, while your guide takes you back in time with stories of this historic and magnificent canyon.

Life Vests
Because this is a smooth water trip with no rapids, life vests which will be provided for all, are optional for adults however children 12 and younger must wear a life vests at all times while on the raft.

*Cancellation Policy For Group Bookings Beginning In Marble Canyon, AZ: Cancellation Policy for group bookings: You will receive a full refund for cancellations that meet the following criteria: Cancellations must be made 7 days before the trip's scheduled departure. Cancellations within 7  days of the  cancellation window and no-shows are subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

*National Park Pass: Proof of purchase of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area entry fee for adults 16 or older is required to take the float trip. You may purchase the $15 individual pass in addition to your trip. There are other park pass options detaild here. These maybe purchased at any NPS entrance booth.


Kayak Trips - Self Guided - Half Day - Full Day - 2 or 3 Day


About This Trip
On this adventure you will enjoy the peace and serenity of Kayaking the Colorado River through majestic Horseshoe Bend in your own or with a partner in a tandem kayak. You will meet and park your vehicle at Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon to begin your adventure. You will board a motorboat and be driven up-river to launch your trip, and kayak back downriver to Lees Ferry to end your adventure.

Half-Day (4-5 Hours)
Put-in: Petroglyph Beach, just above Horseshoe Bend - 10 Miles of Kayaking
Take-out: Lees Ferry

Full-Day (7-9 Hours)
Put-in: Kayak Beach - 14 Miles of Kayaking
Take-out: Lees Ferry

2-3 Day Overnight Camping
Kayak Beach - 14 Miles of Kayaking
Overnight Camping
Take-out: Lees Ferry
*The only additional charge for day 2 or 3 is the rental equipment
**No camping permit needed
***5% NPS (National Park Service) fee is added to trip fare



Price: (Backhaul Service) $80/person. Half-Day - Full-Day & 2 or 3 Day = Same Rate (Taxes not included)
Vessel/Rental Options: 12 To Choose From
$35: Kayaks: Single Inflatable, Single Hardshell Sit-In, Single Hardshell Sit-On
$50: Kayaks: Tandem (2 person) Inflatable, Tandem Hardshell Sit-In, Tandem Hardshell Sit-On
$35: Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)
$80: 14 Ft. Canoe (2 person)
$80: 10 Ft. Paddle Raft (4 person)
$90: 10 Ft. Oar Raft (2 person)
$5/day: Dry Bags
$10/day: Sleeping/Paco Pad
Cancellation Policy: 48 Hour Cancellation Policy, 3% processing fee. No Refunds wihtin 48 hours prior to launch date.
Minimum Age: 5
Launch Months/Times:
February: 9am, 11am
March Thru October: 7am thru 1pm (Every 30 Min)


All Rentals include: Vessel, paddle and Life Vests (required)
***You are able to supply your own equipment: any watercraft, luggage or gear over 100lbs will incur a surcharge.

*Minimum Passenger Policy: There is none however there is a $150 minimum spend.

*National Park Pass: Purchase of a Glen Canyon National Recreation Area entry fee for adults 16 or older is required to take the float trip. You may purchase the $15 individual pass or $30 vehicle pass (good for 4 persons) on your way to the meeting location at Lees Ferry. There are other park pass options detaild here.

Why Page, AZ?

The perfect location for a quick getaway, Page Arizona is a hidden gem with an array of notable attractions and tours such as the Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Slot Canyon Tours Kayak Day Tours to name a few. There are 23 hotels and 22 restaurants within a 10 mile radius! Just 2 hour drive from Flagstaff, AZ and 2 hour drive from the South Rim, Grand Canyon Village

Getting to Page, AZ – Driving directions