Adding A Whitewater Rafting Adventure To Your Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas can be a perfect starting point for a one-day whitewater rafting adventure in the Grand Canyon segment of the mighty Colorado River. Here, you have a choice of exploring the Canyon?s southern or northern rim as well as the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon. From your hotel in Las Vegas, you will be taken to the Grand Canyon by a van from one of the many travel and tour providers that serve the Grand Canyon area. Your first stopover will be at Kingman in Arizona where you will have a hearty breakfast. On your way to Kingman, you will be passing by the marvelous and truly breathtaking engineering wonder Hoover Dam. From Kingman, you take Route 66 towards Peach Springs, right in the heart of the Hualapai Indian settlement. From Peach Springs, you will then take your descent via Diamond Creek Road to reach the bottom of the Canyon. [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" aspect_ratio="16:9" maxwidth="700" grow="no"]

This Is Where A Whitewater Rafting Adventure Starts

Whitewater Rafting Adventure Upon reaching the bank of the Colorado River, you will be met by your whitewater river guide. He will provide a few quick tips on maintaining safety in the entire whitewater river rafting trip. Listen to all the instructions so you will know what to do. Your life literally de pends on it. You will then board a motorized whitewater river raft to cover greater lengths of the Colorado River. This portion of the Colorado is home to Class II and Class III whitewater. This means that there will be some portions of rough cruising. There will be considerable drops of a few feet which should be perfect for introducing you to the world of  whitewater river rafting. If you have a child with you, do take note that he needs to be at least 8 years old in order to be allowed to board the craft.

Whitewater Rafting Adventure After enjoying the thrill and excitement of shooting some of the moderately categorized rapids, you will be taking a break. Depending on where you stopped, you can take in more of the breathtaking scenery of the Grand Canyon. You can try venturing into some of its travertine waterfalls or even hidden caves and refreshing springs. After the break, you will resume your river journey. Upon reaching Quartermaster Canyon, your river journey ends. You will be airlifted via helicopter towards Grand Canyon West. The helicopter ride gives you one fantastic bird?s eye view of the majestic nature of the Grand Canyon. From there, you will then be transported back to your hotel in Las Vegas using the tour facility?s vehicle. So, if you are planning to go to Las Vegas for whitewater rafting adventure several days of absolute fun and entertainment, make sure to visit the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for a smooth water float trip and will be in Page, AZ, Advantage Grand Canyon can help you with this as well! You only live once so book your trip now.