Spring Time Rafting in Grand Canyon

Rafting In Grand Canyon Looking to combine river adventure with a little extra peace and tranquility? Perhaps you’re looking for a unique spring break escapade? Consider joining us for a spring time Grand Canyon rafting trip. Though every season in the canyon offers its own distinct and alluring draws, our early-season trips offer lighter crowds, temperate weather, relatively calmer, clearer water and boundless opportunities to experience the springtime wildflowers and fresh, blooming vegetation nestled along the precipitous Canyon walls.

rafting in the Grand Canyon Many consider summer to be the prime time to experience the grandeur and marvel at the vastness of the Grand Canyon. For this reason, during the summer months, the crowds within the park swell to more than half a million visitors. Though solitude and serenity will always be coupled with thrill and exertion on every raft trip organized by Advantage Grand Canyon, summer trips fill quickly and run more frequently than during any other time of the year. If you’re looking to beat the masses and experience another of the Canyon’s many facades, our spring time trips offer exactly what you seek.

After a long, cold winter, the Canyon warms and comes to life. You’ll witness the brilliant scarlet, soothing lavender and dazzling yellow hues of the blooms adorning the Canyon’s myriad of cactus plants. Innumerable native wildflowers peak out of the fresh, wild growth, uncurl their greens and turn their faces toward the beaming Southwestern sun. These beautiful wildflowers peak in the Canyon from March until late May, making for incredible photos and allowing an up-close and personal experience with the Canyon’s distinctive flora and fauna. The Colorado River typically runs crystal clear or green in color in April, May and early June before the stormy season hits in July and August. After the first late spring/early summer monsoon rain, water flows down the Canyon walls, carrying red sediment with it and turning the river back to its natural burnt brick coffee color. All states and colors of the river are stunning in their own ways, and any time of the year will make for a great experience in and of itself. Though the Colorado River flows at a chilly average of 50°F year round, the Grand Canyon’s weather fluctuates frequently. Summers tend to get extremely hot, with temperatures soaring well above 100°F, especially down in the Canyon.


Hot temperatures and cold river water make for an amazing experience. However, if you prefer a more comfortable outside air temperature, April averages 83°F highs and 53°F lows and May averages 93°F highs and 67°Fs, making for some ideal hiking and rafting conditions down in the Canyon. If your goal is to experience big whitewater rapids in the Grand Canyon, you’ll want to aim for a late June, July or August trip. During these hot summer months, the Colorado River’s water is released at the highest rate in order to accommodate the Southwestern US’ electricity demands.

If you’d still prefer an adventure, though one with less extreme rapids challenges, take a rafting trip with us during a low water season in either spring or fall. Don’t fret, you’ll still get your whitewater, but with the river carrying slightly less water during this time of the year, your overall experience will be more laid-back.

Though spring is a blissful and comfortable time of year to raft your way through the Grand Canyon, you will unquestionably experience the Canyon in all of its many faces of glory no matter what time of the year you decide to visit. Our dedicated, professional staff is here to guide you through your whole experience and ensure you book the trip best suited for your desires. Contact us today with questions and to get started!