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Whitewater Rafting Basics

  Whitewater rafting is truly an exciting adventure that is often considered a once in a lifetime bucket list trip. In addition, it is an activity that anyone can join. This is mainly possible because commercial whitewater rafting trips are well organized and guided by experts with years of experience. If you have or are contemplating booking a whitewater rafting […]

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Grand Canyon rafting

Whitewater Rafting: Adventure Sports At It’s Best

Sports are often seen as those played within courts and fields. What people usually forget is that aside from indoor sports, there is an abundance of nature-based sports. These sports make the most of what nature has to offer including those found in oceans, mountains, rivers, canyons for example. Adventure sports have been increasingly popular over the past decade through […]

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rafting types

Motorized Rafting vs. Paddle, Oar and Dory Rafting

Rafting in the Grand Canyon is generally divided into two, namely motor and non-motor rafting vessels. The latter is further divided into three main categories which are the paddle, oar and dory. The type of raft may vary dependent on the needs, time allowances or constraints and ability to hike into or out of the […]

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Rafting Tours in the Grand Canyon

Tips to Choosing the Best Grand Canyon Rafting Trips for You

Whitewater rafting excursions or trips can be very exciting, fun-filled, and a journey that brings family members closer. You’d also get the chance to explore the unspoiled and pristine beauty of this incredible ecosystem, far from the hustle and bustle of heavily polluted and highly stressful city living. No Facebook, Twitter, Email, voicemail, video games […]

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packing for a rafting trip

How To Pack For A Rafting Trip

Going on a rafting trip can be one of the greatest adventures you will ever have. We at Advantage Grand Canyon help clients book their Grand Canyon rafting adventure trips which typically needs to be done several months (even up to a year) in advance.  If this is your first rafting trip then we know how anxious you […]

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whitewater rafting

Why Are Whitewater Rafting Trips Fun and Thrilling?

If you’re one of the many people who are now getting more concerned about their lifestyle, then you may be considering outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting as a way to maintain a healthy and fit body. If you haven’t tried braving whitewater rapids, then it may be high time to learn about rafting. What is […]

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Grand Canyon Rafting

Exciting Grand Canyon Adventure Sports Options

The Grand Canyon is one of the top US destinations for tourists all over the world. Apart from its iconic structure and captivating views, the Grand Canyon is also widely known for its great adventures ranging from extreme to low-key. Grand Canyon Adventure Sports Get to know some of the Grand Canyon adventure sports that […]

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Rafting Trips in Colorado: What to Expect and What You Need to Bring?

The Colorado River starts from the Rocky Mountain’s wilderness. It winds down across Colorado and enters spectacular river destinations that are great for rafting trips. The famous points include Southwest Sampler, Westwater Canyon, and Cataract Canyon. We are offer trips from all the top commercial outfitters that offer trips on the Colorado River through the mighty Grand Canyon. […]

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