Spending A Romantic Weekend At The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most unique and romantic settings for couples and one of the wonders of the world. If you are a thrill seeker and love adventure, you should definitely consider this magical place and celebrate a special occasion or create new moments with your loved one. The Grand Canyon is a 227-mile long iconic destination at a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas with plenty of things to offer.

Spending A Romantic Weekend At The Grand Canyon

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary or looking for a place to propose, going on a trip to the Grand Canyon's South or North Rim guarantees an unforgettable romantic getaway. The activities include walks in nature, hiking trips, white water rafting, helicopter tours, watching the sunset from above, or going on a tour to the Grand Canyon village.

Book Your Room With A View At The Grand Canyon National Park

When you are at the Grand Canyon, you can settle in a room with a fireplace and enjoy the lodging facilities at the Bright Angel Lodge. Cuddle with your special one and enjoy waking up to view in one of the world's most iconic front yards.

Another great stay is the El Tovar Hotel which is located in the Grand Canyon's South Rim and is a perfect place for a proposal or a romantic evening. The accommodation is at the edge of the South Rim and is constructed of stone and Oregon pine. It has been host to many famous people including Teddy Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, and others. Due to the high popularity of the El Tovar Hotel and restaurant, advance reservations are recommended.

From hotels to shops, there are plenty of majestic experiences in the South Rim of the Canyon.

Watch The Sunset And Explore Grand Canyon's North Rim

If you want to witness one of the best sunsets you will ever see, you should go outside and head to the Grand Canyon's North Rim at the Grand Canyon Lodge. You can glance through the massive floor-to-ceiling windows and get a chance to dine in a popular restaurant or get a room in the hotel. Besides this one, there are plenty of hotels with spectacular views on the canyon walls and romantic scenery.

Watch The Sunset And Explore Grand Canyon North Rim

See The Dark, Starry Night Sky

Reaching for the stars has never been better than at the Grand Canyon National Park. Guests can have their moments of romance and see the skies light up as never before. You can set up a telescope or just use your eyes to witness the incredible beauty and tranquility.

See The Dark, Starry Night Sky

The Grand Canyon National Park is also a host to the Grand Canyon Star Party held in June/July each year, gathering a lot of astronomers from around North America. The event is held at the Grand Canyon Lodge veranda located in the North Rim, and there is no charge for reservations made by park visitors.

Take Off On A Helicopter Ride From Las Vegas To Grand Canyon

Start your vacation in luxury by gathering your family and travelling from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. This 4 hour tour will take you up in the sky and let you see the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the Grand Canyon walls before descending to the canyon's floor. You can even book a champagne picnic lunch 4,000 below the rim and witness the magnificent colors painted by the setting sun.

Take Off On A Helicopter Ride From Las Vegas To Grand Canyon

Ride The Historic Railway And Try Delicacies In The Train

The Grand Canyon Railway goes through Verde Canyon outside of Sedona, where you can enjoy in the chocolate bonanza (offered in February) at the Chocolate Lovers' Romance on the Rails train trip. Board the Railway and see how it connects the national park to the retro community of Williams, Arizona (the last Route 66 town bypassed by the interstate system).

Ride The Historic Railway And Try Delicacies In The Train

Additionally, guests can try the German lunch spread that features the famous German sausages before boarding the train, and satisfy their thirst with some specialty beers and private label brews crafted by Oak Creek Brewery. The Grand Canyon Railway is a great way to look at the mountain walls and trails spread throughout the canyon.

Go For A Romantic Hiking Tour

They say that the Grand Canyon is a perfect place for all hikers wanting to explore new trails. There are trail types for every visitor, regardless of their hiking skills or stamina. Make sure to stay hydrated and bring a few bottles of water as you embark on a journey in one of the most popular hiking destinations in the United States.

Go For A Romantic Hiking Tour

Some of the best hike activities include the Bright Angel Trail located in the South Rim, as well as the South Kaibab Trail (also in the South Rim) and the Cape Royal Trail in the North Rim.

Raft Through The Colorado River

Rafting tours are one of the most popular activities in the Grand Canyon National Park. Go for a spectacular white water rafting trip and glance at the historic walls. There is a 40 miles trip that takes you through different sets of rapids and slows, and features views on the Grand Canyon from a whole new perspective.

Raft Through The Colorado River

You can also explore the Black Canyon River adventures at Lake Mead, go fishing in the Grand Canyon region, go houseboating on Lake Powell, or paddle down the Colorado River with licensed tour guides.

Book An Open-Air Jeep/Hummer Tour

If you want to try out the dirt roads with a licensed guide, you can book a windowless Jeep or Hummer tour that takes you along the famous East Rim Drive and the best viewpoints in the Grand Canyon National Park. You will also get a historic tour guide telling you everything about the park's history, flora and fauna.

The Grand Canyon Signature Hummer Tour is another option if you want to be picked up from your hotel and get a personalized guided tour taking you to the best spots in the area.

Visit The Grand Canyon Village & Mather Point

As you enter the Grand Canyon National Park, you will easily spot the Grand Canyon village, which is the center hub of activities and outdoor tours for the South Rim of the park. This is also where most of the accommodation settings are based, and a place where you can book your hiking tours and grab some souvenirs.

You can also explore Yavapai Point which is set in the village and known as one of the best viewpoints in the Grand Canyon. For more information about the park and its history, take a walk to the visitor center and see some of the museums to learn more about the area.

The Mather Point Overlook is another place that hosts great viewpoints – make sure to wake up early and go outdoor to see how the sunrise paints the walls with many different colors and lose breath over the exciting sight.

Drive Through The Grand Canyon

There are certain areas of the Grand Canyon where you can drive with your private car – the access is granted from December to February. If you are not driving or are arriving in spring or summer, you can always take the park shuttle bus that stops at nine viewpoints.

You can drive your own vehicle and access some of the best viewpoints, as well as the Desert View Drive which is open to cars all year long. The Desert View road is also known for the spectacular 70-foot watchtower (Desert View Watchtower) that has an interesting structure.

Shop For Souvenirs & Merch In The El Tovar Gift Shop

If you want to give your loved one a gift or bring your friends a keepsake of your romantic trip, the Grand Canyon shops and boutiques have plenty of things waiting for you. The El Tovar Gift Shop is among the most popular ones, featuring high-end items such as handmade jewelry as well as unique books, photographs, ceramics and souvenirs.

You can also shop for Native American-crafted products including paintings, apparel, jewellery and pottery, getting a perfect gift from your memorable trip in the Canyon.

Walk Along The Grand Canyon Rim Trail

If you are visiting for more days or want some time for yourself, you can definitely walk along the Rim Trail and immerse yourself in some of the amazing views the Canyon has to offer. Search for the best place for a photo with a view of the sunset, and finish your walk at the museum's large bay window, where you can witness panoramic views that are truly unique and spectacular in many ways.

Warm Yourself Up Near The Fireplace

A roaring fire can warm you and your loved one in the night hours, especially if you settle at the Bucky O'Neill and Red Horse Cabin suites of the Bright Angel Lodge and get a sense of luxury. Search for lodging with a fireplace and reserve your room a couple of months in advance. Get a dinner near the fire and enjoy the unforgettable moments

Walk On The Grand Canyon Skywalk

If you want to combine adventure and sightseeing, our tips are to visit the Skywalk and walk around the Grand Canyon in the level rim trail. You can soak in the excellent views of the area and take some amazing photos of the colorful canyon walls.

Walk On The Grand Canyon Skywalk

Planning Your Grand Canyon Trip

Remember that there are a few days in the year where visiting the park is free – however, you should expect bigger crowds then. The South Rim is open 365 days a year and 24/7, while the North Rim is open only in summer (May 15th - October 15th). If you are going after October, the South Rim is definitely the only option – or you can alternatively stay in Tusayan or Williams, Arizona as some of the nearby places.

Some of the best related tips are to visit the Grand Canyon either in spring or fall (the best season is March to May or September to October), when you can be outside all day and enjoy everything the National Park has to offer. You can also get a room in the Grand Canyon Village in the South Rim for a truly romantic experience.

As you can see, there are plenty of interesting options for a vacation and a lot of unique destinations in the Grand Canyon. No matter which season you choose for your trip, you will be delighted to see the amazing views in a destination that is deemed as one of world's seven natural wonders.

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