North Rim Grand Canyon


Why You Should Visit The North Rim Grand Canyon

Visit Grand Canyon North Rim

Many people seem to think that the Grand Canyon is just one place, and that it can be seen easily in a day. This certainly isn’t true! One could spend months exploring the amazing natural features located all across the canyon. Indeed, many people seem to not understand just how huge the entire Canyon is, stretching for almost 300 miles. Indeed, the Canyon truly is a behemoth in size. Hence, it goes without saying that the Grand Canyon North Rim is one of the best places to visit and here is why:

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First of all, if you didn't know already, the Grand Canyon is basically split up into 4 main areas. Each area pertaining to either the north, south, west or east. South rim is the most popular area in the Canyon due to the fact that it is the most easily accessed. On the other hand, the north rim Grand Canyon, which is located almost on the border of Utah, is the least visited part. This is not because it is lacking in spectacular views or activities, it is because it takes the most effort to get to, out of all of the other areas in the Canyon.

From the south side of the canyon, it will take 4 hours of rocky, uphill and downhill driving to reach the north rim. Hence, it’s easy to see why lots of men and women decide not to make the effort to get to the north rim. With that being said, those that do make the effort to get to the north rim are certainly greatly rewarded. Almost all people who visit the north rim say that it is by far the best part of the Grand Canyon. North rim is known for having the best of the best views of the Grand Canyon. You will be able to see breathtaking views of the Canyon that only a few people have ever experienced. Furthermore, the north rim is only open throughout May to October, so the rarity of the views found there are truly phenomenal.

You can find truly exceptional Grand Canyon lodging and accommodation options in the North Rim in addition to the some of the most enjoyable activities. Going cycling through some of the great paths the North Rim has is truly a one of a kind activity. Furthermore, going camping in the North Rim of the Canyon is known to be one of the best camping experiences in the world. You will be able to find the most secret and most beautiful areas of the entire canyon at the north rim of the canyon. As you can see, making the extra effort to head to the north rim Grand Canyon is certainly worth it. If you’re looking to visit the canyon, make sure to go the extra mile and visit the north rim. With less tourists and some truly rare and beautiful views, it is well worth it.