Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

Tips On Traveling From Las Vegas To The Grand Canyon

When traveling from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon for the opportunity to see some of the best scenery on the planet,  you will need to make your way to the western part of the United States. From a geological point of view, the area has some of the most wonderful natural features that humans will ever see. If that is not enough to get you interested in visiting the area, then the fact that Las Vegas is the main starting point for many of them should be. Just a short drive from the strip is Red Rock Canyon, a magnificent area that is highly photographed. Perhaps the biggest feature is the Grand Canyon and it's great rafting opportunities. This natural feature can clearly be seen from outer space, which gives some idea of the size of it. It follows the Colorado river across northern Arizona, and was formed over millions of years. This is actually a short time period, as the type of rock in the area erodes quickly compared to other rocks such as granite. For those people looking to travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon there are plenty of options available. Which one is preferred depends on how you wish to view the Canyon, and how much you are willing to spend. Although trips can be booked in advance prior to leaving on a vacation, any hotel reception will be more than happy to help arrange a trip. The first decision to be made is whether or not you want the West Rim or the South Rim. The West Rim is the closest and offers the overhanging glass floored Skywalk. This recent addition to the canyon has proved to be extremely successful. Although a little pricey, it is well worth the money as standing over the Canyon is an experience never to be forgotten. The South Rim has some wonderful views, but it is a long drive. Another way of getting from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon is by air. There are two options for the tourists. One option is to take a helicopter flight to the Canyon and enjoy some of the scenery by hovering over specific areas while taking pictures. The other flying option is by small plane, which flies along the Canyon. There are pros and cons to both of these. The helicopter costs quite a bit, but it can land on the Canyon Rim and hang around points of interest. The plane is a lot cheaper as it fits in more people, but you only get one look at everything. If you decide to take a road trip from Las Vegas to The Grand Canyon, then either hire a car, or go on one of the coach trips that are organized. Taking a car means finding your own way, and paying the fees as you travel, whereas a coach trip is one fee with everything included. For comfort and a less stressful journey, the latter option is the best. Regardless of how you get to the canyon, it will be something that you never forget. Book a great rafting trip with us now for your next Grand Canyon adventure!