Female Urination Devices for Rafting Trips

How are you preparing for your river rafting adventure? This outdoor adventure means there are no private bathrooms so make sure you're ready. Have you ever considered an instance where there are a lot of fluids in the menu and you need to urinate but there's nowhere to go near the river? Check out this innovative device for ladies.

This is a good addition to your outdoor equipment because it abides with the National Park Service regulations for peeing in national parks and other nature spots.


What Is A Female Urination Device?

A female urination device or FUD is a funnel that drive's the woman's waste away from her body. This allows her to pee while upright instead of squatting.

This can be worn under your clothing and is a smart solution for outdoor activities like backpacking, camping, riding a boat, or any other activity in the wilderness.

Where Is A Female Urination Device Typically Used?

A female urination device is a portable urinal that allows a woman to go virtually anywhere. The design originated from portable urinals used in the medical field that allows patients to urinate in the bed while on bed rest. These later developed into FUDS.

The FUD can be used in any outdoor trip like trips to the wilderness, backpacking trips, rock climbing, camping, rafting, and all sorts of outdoor adventure and nature activity.

This can also be used in the car during a long road trip. For example, if you found yourself drinking too much water and there seems to be no rest stop any time soon, you can resort to this instead of a normal bottle. It's a better way to relieve your bladder of urine. You don't even need to interrupt your road trip with frequent bathroom breaks.

Different Types Of FUD

Disposable FUDs

As the name suggests, these urination devices are disposable which means that they're made of a disposable material like durable paper or cardboard. These are usually flushable and are meant for temporary use during any trip.

This is a good urination device if you want to test the waters first. You can use this urination device and then if it's a good fit, you can try other urination devices.

Non-Disposable FUDs

This is a type of female urination device that is designed to last for a very long time. These are usually made of plastic or latex so that you can just rewash the FUD countless times and reuse it.

This means that a single purchase of the device can last you for a lifetime. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean the female urination device after every use to ensure cleanliness. This device is good for river rafting or other aqua sports because it is waterproof.

Different Types Of FUD

How To Use A Female Urination Device While River Rafting

When you're out in a location that's far from civilization, it may be challenging to find a comfortable place to urinate. When you're on an outdoor adventure with a group, it may be difficult to find a more comfortable bathroom option that will give you a bit of privacy from men.

That's where the option of using a female urination device comes into the picture. This allows women to pee upright without having to remove their clothing. Ladies simply wear and use female urination devices and leave no trace because these FUDs are spill proof.

Here are the steps on how to use one:


Simply unzip your pants and set your underwear to the side. There's no need to remove your clothes. However, if you're a beginner, you might feel the need to squat while using this. Take your time getting adjusted.


Take the device and place it over your private parts and then begin to pee. Make sure to control the flow of your pee so that the funnel won't overflow and mess with your underwear and clothes. It's important to know the fluid capacity of the funnel so that it won't have more than what it can handle.

Other brands come with a urinal attachment and more accessories that is a different design from the typical funnel. This extender hose helps redirect the urine away from your body so that you won't make a mess.


After that, you may wipe the urination device with some toilet paper and then wash it with some water. This gets rid of the pee so that you can store it in your bag when it's clean and ready to go. Leave no trace of fluid before packing the funnel away.

When you have the time later on, make sure to thoroughly disinfect your FUD. Use some soap or alcohol to get rid of any bacteria.

Tips And Tricks For Using A Female Urination Device

There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using this, especially if it's your first time to pee that way. Here are some tips and tricks to help you answer your questions about female urination devices.

Preventing Overflow And Splashing

An overflow may happen among first time users. The best option is to moderate your flow for a bit so that the pee can travel smoothly through the funnel.

If overflowing is a consistent problem for you, then the best option is to upgrade to a bigger and wider funnel. There are many choices you can pick from. Just make sure to assess each option, read up on their information, and compare the devices before you place your order for one.

Splashing may be remedied in the same way which is by controlling your pee flow. Another trick is to keep the funnel closer to your body.

Make Sure To Relax

You may be used to the comforts of a private bathroom and you feel like it's the more comfortable option. However, being outside means you need to adapt to the lifestyle of having no toilet paper and resulting to FUDs to pee.

Take your time to relax. Take some long and deep breaths until you are ready to pee.

Working With Clothes

Some first time users report that they still feel the need to pull down their pants to use the device. However, these things are meant to be used upright so there's no issue with squatting or sitting down just to do the thing.

It may take you a while to get used to using the FUD while standing up but this is the more efficient manner. If you feel like you need to squat for the first few times, do it. Gradually adjust to using this while standing up. Pretty soon, you will be able to achieve this bit while upright.

Practice Makes Perfect!

The best way to make your body adjust and be one with a FUD is to practice with it. Use it in your bathroom and home and give it a go. More practice will improve your capability to use it on road trips and outdoor adventures. Afterwards, wash it with water to clean it before you pack it up. Leave no trace of fluid before sealing it in the bag. This way, you will have some practice before you go camping or on a river rafting trip.

Each girl may have a different approach to using the FUD. Everyone has questions on how to effectively use it while camping, rock wall climbing, or while on a river rafting trip like Colorado River Rafting, Grand Canyon Rafting, Grand Canyon National Park etc.

How To Choose A Urination Device (GoGirl, Whiz Freedom, Etc.)

There are so many brands of female urination devices available on amazon.com that you can try out. Some of the most popular brands include Whiz Freedom, and SheWee. These options have their own special features and something that sets them apart from other gear. It's up to you to thoroughly research and compare these FUD gear. Make sure to read up on the product first and any possible issue before making a purchase. You may also read up on how long shipping takes, what are the additional accessories that are in the package, how many milliliters is the capacity, and any other questions you may have.












Final Thoughts

FUDS have definitely changed outdoor peeing for women all over the world. This is one of the most revolutionary products ever. Because of FUDS, women can comfortably empty their bladders while standing up. Women can now experience comfort during an outdoor trip.

On you next river venture, make sure to pack this in your kit! Experience the wonders of having a portable bathroom by the river. This is also a good move to urinate while following the rules of the National Park Service.

FAQs About FUD

If you still have more questions about the FUD, check out this frequently asked questions (FAQs) section to answer your query.