Everything You Need To Know About The Grand Canyon


about the Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon, carved by the Colorado River, is located in Arizona, in the United States. With over 400 km in distance and a width of 29 km, the canyon has a depth of at least a mile. Geologists have identified that the Colorado River started forming the canyon over 17 million years ago when the channels and tributaries passed through it exposing layers of rock at each turn. The area near the canyon has been inhabited by Native Americans for years. Currently, they have built settlements within the caves and in the canyon itself.

The Geographical Aspect

Some of the geographical facts about the canyon include the following: ? It?s often classified as a fissure which is found in the Colorado plateau. ? Although it?s not the deepest canyon in the world, it?s sheer size and intricate details are quite overwhelming especially when matched with the amazing landscape. ? The exposed rocks that have been carefully preserved throughout time add to the canyon?s geological significance. ? The Colorado river basin which hosts the canyon has been developing for the last 40 million years. ? Although past studies established the canyon to have formed over the last 6 million years, a recent study stretches out the time to 17 million years. ? The exposed rocks that form the canyon have been created due to erosion caused by the Colorado River and its tributaries through the basin. ? During the Ice age era, the weather elements increased the amount of water in the river which resulted in deeper and faster channels which created more erosion. ? There are different types of rocks in the canyon of which the latest include the volcanic rocks. You can also enjoy our services for excellent  Grand Canyon rafting trips.

The Historical Aspect

To most people, the canyon has a lot of geographical and geological significance. Very often, the historical significance is ignored. Here?s what you need to know about the historical significance of the canyon. ? Most Native Americans trace their roots and cultures to the canyon. The early settlers in the canyon were the Native Americans. They built their homes in the caves and also around the canyon. ? Years after the Native America settlement, a few missionaries and Spanish explorers found their way to the Canyon. However, due to the reluctance of the locals, no Europeans settled there for hundreds of years. ? The American explorers, were not as subtle as the Americans. As a result of many expeditions and discoveries, the American explorers discovered some of the amazing must-see sights of the canyon we know today. ? In 1908, the canyon was declared a national monument and in 1919 it became a national park. Fun Facts You Should Know About The Grand Canyon ? During the wars, expeditions and inquisitions into the Grand Canyon, there are a few famous settlers who found home near, in and around the canyon. ? When the canyon was established as a game preserve in 1906, thanks to President Roosevelt, livestock grazing in the area was reduced drastically. Also predators such as eagles, mountain lions and wolves were removed out of the park. Currently the Grand Canyon receives thousands of visitors each year and is one of the top tourist attractions in the US.