How to Prepare and Enjoy Your Grand Canyon River Raft

Grand Canyon River Raft

The Grand Canyon is home to some of the world’s most remarkable river systems. Not only does it boast of a variety of spectacular geologic features, its' rivers also offer a variety of water-related activities perfect for the whole family, friends, groups, and many solo travelers.

Although it is perfectly okay to enjoy the Grand Canyon scenery in one of the chartered helicopters providing sightseeing services to tourists, nothing can beat the first-hand experience of navigating through the waters of the Colorado River. It is only on a white water river raft trip, that one witnesses by raft how this mighty body of water was able to carve one of the world’s most marvelous geologic structures.

A Grand Canyon raft trip is very active and hands-on experience, and it often includes daily canyon hikes in addition to being on the water. On these hikes, you?ll be treading through streams, climbing over large rocks, ducking under outcroppings and generally plodding over uneven ground. For this reason alone, we definitely recommend you implement an appropriate exercise program in the months prior to your trip.

Now, this advice doesn?t mean that you have to be triathlon-fit to partake in our rafting trips. However, it does mean you will be able to appreciate the experience more if you aren't huffing and puffing and whining and wailing. You?ll be able to look up and drink in the vast sights of the looming canyon walls, you?ll be able to appreciate the birds' melodies, you'll be able to chat and chuckle with your companions; all experiences that you wouldn't be able to thoroughly appreciate if you?re physically straining your unprepared body with every step. You'll be able to participate in all the daily explorative hikes and will have a much slimmer chance of injuring yourself. The best part of being in decent shape on a whitewater rafting trip is rather than dragging and crashing at the end of the day, you'll be exhaustedly exhilarated. Yes, there?s a huge difference!

As the colorado river in the Grand Canyon is home to some of the world’s most exceptional whitewater rivers, it does pay to be prepared for your rafting trip. This is especially important for anyone who is hiking the Bright Angel trail on upper or lower canyon raft trip. We have a terrific video on the trail with information on how frequently potable drinking water is available as well as the elevation gain/loss.

What Gear You Will Need

One of the advantages of taking a raft trip in Grand Canyon with one of our commercial outfitters is that they will provide you with almost everything you will need! This includes your sleeping bag, tarp, tent, sheet, sleeping pad or sleeping cot as well as necessary dry bags to keep your clothes dry while you're on the river. This also includes an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water. You are responsible for your clothing which mush include a rain jacket and pants (regardless what time of year you are rafting, as well as your clothing and hygiene products. You will receive a detailed list of items to bring with you upon reserving your raft trip. Do not forget your GoPro camera or other waterproof photo or video equipment to capture those thrilling moments in the Grand Canyon.

Choose the Rafting Trip for You

Depending on your skill level plus the amount of time you want to spend on the rivers of the Grand Canyon, you can opt for a simple one-day rafting trip or commit to a life changing 15-day river expedition with one of the 16 concessioners. There are also half-trips that can give you a brief yet very comprehensive view of the Grand Canyon ecosystem.

We have a staff of trained professionals who have navigated every raft type and every route that is offered. We know what to expect and all of the itineraries offered by the outfitters. We can find you a raft trip that best meets your criteria, and prioritize your list of importance whether it be trying to fit a trip within your selected vacation time or travel window, navigating the optimal Grand Canyon route you prefer, or ensuring you are in the raft that you most desire.

Grand Canyon Raft Trip: Your Next Adventure

Additionally, our Advantage Grand Canyon partial canyon trips (upper or lower canyon route) have an exceptionally challenging, 7.5-9.5 mile hike at the either the very beginning or tail end of the excursion. If you're not in good shape and don't plan to get there, we highly recommend you chose a trip that doesn't include this difficult hike-in or hike-out.

But, if you can hack it and are bound and determined to get in good-enough shape by the time your vacation rolls around, these trips that include the long, strenuous hikes are incredible and absolutely worth the extra effort! If you're booked on one of the hiking-intensive trips and haven't already began a regular fitness routine, then please, for the love of the Canyon and sake of your body, hit the gym and get out in the wilderness.

Think of it this way, your Grand Canyon trip is an excellent excuse to follow through this year with your New Year?s resolution to get in shape! Start your cardio and resistance training regimen today so that you have plenty of time to build up your strength and stamina. Don?t be lazy about it and put it off until tomorrow.

If you've booked a trip that includes a strenuous hike, you'd better give yourself many months of muscle strengthening and conditioning. Winter is a great time to begin. If you?ve booked a more relaxed trip, we still recommend you start building up your endurance a couple months before your start date as these trips are still very active. If you have additional questions about training for your trip contact us and we'll be happy to provide additional information.