Two Main Rafting Types: Motorized and Non-Motorized

Rafting through tumultuous waters is definitely one great deal of an adventure. It's a must try for everyone. And so if you're planning for a rafting adventure anytime soon, you should get to know your basic modes of transportation on the river.

rafting types What Are The Two Main Rafting Types?

Practically, there are two main rafting types Basically, there are two main raft types you can choose from as your mode of transportation on your river adventure. One is motorized and the other is non-motorized. Non-motor rafts, include oar, dory, paddle, or a combination. The selection of the raft depends on your expertise, physical ability, and preference. To note, motorized rafts travel faster. So if you want to travel the entire length of the Grand Canyon in a shorter amount of time, then you would do well choosing a motorized raft. This gives you roughly 6 to 8 days to run the Colorado River.




two types of rafting trips - motorized and Dory - Adventure Grand CanyonOther than speed, motorized rafts also afford you some level of comfort and security as opposed to riding in non-motorized boats. A motorized raft can carry an average of 12 to 14 passengers, seated comfortably. You can now focus on enjoying the views. And if you would like to bring children with you, bear in mind that there is a minimum age required. For motorized Grand Canyon river trips, that would be 8 years old. for most outfitters. Non-motorized raft trips are perfect for those who want an extra taste of adventure in the Grand Canyon.

Including the river guide, the oar and dory boats carry 4 passengers while the paddle boats seat 6 passengers. Depending on the weather and the winds, paddling may require a high degree of physical effort. Adventurers are advised to stretch beforehand. You should be fit and free from existing medical conditions that may get aggravated due to the amount of physical work required. A “hybrid” trip includes both oar boats and one paddle boat so people can take turns paddling.

This way, passengers will have a chance at the paddling experience without necessarily tiring themselves out. Since oar, dory and paddle-powered rafts run only up to 3 to 4 mph, it takes longer to cover river miles. This means the trips will be longer in length than motorized trips. The minimum age requirement is also higher, around 12 years for oar boats and typically 16 for paddle boats, due to the complexity of the activity. But basically, whether you want an extreme white water rafting adventure or a relatively relaxing one, there's always the right tour package for you in the Grand Canyon.