The Grand Canyon National Park App

Here's A Great App For The Grand Canyon National Park

Advantage Grand Canyon has all the answers when it comes to your visit to the Grand Canyon. How long should I stay? Which raft should I go for? Which route should I take? An expert can answer all of these questions for you. While our site is rich with information about the Grand Canyon, it wouldn't hurt to have extra a little more info about what you can expect within and the surrounding area.

If you're a smartphone user, there's a Grand Canyon National Park app that gives you a good idea of what the Grand Canyon for tourists is all about. First of all, the app works without data or a Wi-Fi connection so you can easily use it wherever you are. There are over 300 unique points of interest in this app, all of which having expertly-written details of each place. Perhaps the best thing about it is that it has a professionally recorded voice audio to guide people around the tour for an advanced view of the Grand Canyon before your visit. The app has over 150 images of the park, 35 hiking trails with descriptions, information on museums, picnic sites, park transportation, and cycle routes. It also has a GPS function that you can rely on when you find yourself at a loss. Right now, there are hundreds of apps in the mobile market for outdoor pursuits. According to an infographic presented by business2community, 28% of smartphone users around the world rely on their smartgadgets when traveling, which explains the sheer number of apps that companies make for specific tourist spots, like the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon National Park App

For the mainstream tourist places like Las Vegas, there are even more apps for that people can use without the need of accessing the Internet due to advances in mobile tech. Gaming Realms, a software developer of recreational gaming titles, predicted in 2013 that smartphones would exceed the number of PCs owned by the consumer, and they were right. Thus, don’t be surprised to discover specialized apps for just about all of your favorite outdoor pursuits and chosen destinations. With more and more companies now willing to focus on the development of mobile apps not only for gaming but traveling as well, the industry has become a proverbial fountain of knowledge for travelers.