Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions

Tourists Love The Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Tourist Attractions and Activities The Grand Canyon is one of the most remarkable American attractions and draws a tremendous amount of visitors from all over the globe. Curious travelers take part in a range of activities  and destinations offered in or near the Canyon. Grand Canyon tourist attractions and main locations include the north or south Rim, a hike trip via the famous Bright Angel or South Kaibab trails , and a sight-seeing tour around the rim's edge in Grand Canyon Village. Regardless of the option chosen, the canyon provides a variety of opportunities for enjoyment and features breath-taking panoramas and incredible sights. This magnificent wonder of nature spreads up to 277 miles, and its rocky walls reach deep down its grandiose floor. Right there at the bottom one can hear the roar of the Colorado River, and see from a different perspective, iconic locations boasting scenic beauty. There is everything for every traveler interested in immersing into the mystery of this most popular natural wonder. [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" aspect_ratio="16:9" maxwidth="700" grow="no"] Wanting to see the canyon from high above, adventurous travelers may opt for air tours of the grandiose sights. Available are special helicopter or an airplane scenic adventures in the sky. There is one scenic flight and raft tour combination also available which navigates the Western canyon of the Colorado river. Hiking is another great and exciting option for those looking for a more physically demanding backpack trip full of exploration by foot. For enthusiasts who enjoy the water, a rafting trip of the Grand Canyon is an ideal option to satisfy the hiker, the camper and the rafter. Rafting this beautiful area will give you the chance to fully explore its secrets.  You can choose from oar-powered expeditions or motorized trips. The time duration of each varies and options range from 1 day to 18 days depending on your travel preferences.

rafting in the grand canyon Depending on the activity and location you chose, accommodations widely vary, but note that there are many options available including more expensive lodging accommodations as well as budget based camping options. The Grand Canyon is also a perfect arena for your kids to explore guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and memorable experience to last a lifetime. After visiting the Grand Canyon, one can explore its surrounding locations and attractions including the very popular towns of Sedona or Page, Arizona. For hiking enthusiasts, we recommend Bryce Canyon. For those wanting more entertainment, Las Vegas offers a thriving day and nightlife scene as well as outdoor adventures nearby. You will certainly find your trip to the Grand Canyon and the surrounding attractions fun and exhilarating. Search for your trip now!