My Experience With A Rafting Tour In The Grand Canyon

Rafting tour in the grand canyon Ever since I was a young child I had wanted to visit the Grand Canyon, and a few weeks ago with my family this dream of a rafting tour came true.  Over the years, I had seen incredible photos of the area, and read many books with stories about the pioneers who first ran the rapids down the Colorado river in Grand Canyon. I always had a great love for nature, making an area such as the Grand Canyon even more appealing. While we visited many areas in the southwest, one of the most entertaining and fulfilling activities that my family and I took part in was a rafting tour down the Colorado river. Choosing a tour was work as there are so many options to select from including raft types, routes and number of days. Our tour included transportation to and from as part of the itinerary which made travel logistics rather simple - flew in and out of Las Vegas, Nevada. This meant that as soon as we stepped out of our hotel we were able to hop onto a comfortable, air-conditioned bus which would transport us straight to Marble Canyon, Arizona where we met our rafts.

Grand Canyon rafting tours We decided on a full canyon motor trip as we were limited to 7 days for our adventure.  There was a choice between an oar trip (non-motorized) and a motor and decided a motor was the right choice as it offered more comfortable seating and a more active and exciting daily itinerary as we would see more of the canyon each day. Of course, I initially imagined us paddle rafting down the Colorado river, as everyone else, but quickly learned we would either have to commit to a 12-18 day full canyon trip, or hike 9.5 miles at start or end of an upper or lower canyon 7-9 day trip. 7-day motor was definitely the way to go for us. The rafting tour was incredibly relaxing at times, and totally exhilarating when slamming into the rapids head on. The energy between the water and raft was intense, and literally felt like buckets of water were being thrown on top of us. Wow, what a rush!  I have to say, the amazing scenery we saw during the tour was spectacular and the food our guides prepared, was better then many restaurants I've frequented. These amazing memories are some of the things that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Overall, the rafting adventure was simply phenomenal. Myself and my family were all very glad that we decided to go on this for our annual family vacation. Being able to enjoy nature in such an amazing place such as the Grand Canyon, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the most amazing sunrise as it slowly made it's way over the tall canyon walls was truly priceless. I would definitely recommend everyone to turn this bucket list idea into a reality with Advantage Grand Canyon.