Grand Canyon Tours in South Rim & Beyond

Top Tips On Grand Canyon Tours

If you are in search of a fantastic destination for a vacation, consider one of the available Grand Canyon tours. Although Grand Canyon South Rim tours are very popular, there are various tours to choose from besides the South Rim. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a destination with beautiful sites and full of great adventures, here are some tips to help you choose the right one for you and your family.

Choose Which Part Of The Grand Canyon You Would Like To See

You can start your tour of the Grand Canyon from two of the general locations. The first spot is located near to the main gates situated close to the South Rim. While the other location is based in Las Vegas, you get to choose between touring either the South or the West Rim. Grand Canyon Tours South Rim

Book Your Tour Well In Advance

You will definitely want to ensure your tour has been booked in advance. These Grand Canyon tours are popular and fill up fast. It is highly advisable to book your desired tour at least a few weeks in advance to avoid disappointment.

Booking Landing Tours

If you have enough time on your vacation it is recommended that you book one of the landing tours. These tours offer a comprehensive experience compared to air-only tours. These tours are only available from Vegas. One of the exciting tours you could consider would be the ?Champagne? tour that lands on the ?canyon? floor. This tour allows you to enjoy a picnic with your family and friends. Helicopter tours offered in Vegas also come in a deluxe option. The basic tours may be cheaper, but you can only depart from the ?Boulder City?. While the deluxe tour options is a more convenient option as they take off directly from the ?Vegas Strip.? In addition, deluxe tours offer a pick-up and a drop-off service in limousines and an aerial tour and view of the ?Strip.?

Choose Window Seats

When you purchase one of the Grand Canyon tours, make sure you choose one of the best seating options. These seats are the front window or regular window seats. These seats are slightly more expensive, but offer you with the ideal chance of experiencing all the breathtaking views. However, the seating order or arrangements are often decided upon by the actual pilot, so you may not be able to get the seat you wanted. Choose flights that are scheduled for the morning. This is especially important in the summer months as it can become extremely hot in the afternoon time. It is quite common for temperatures to rise up to 100 degrees in summertime, so your tour will be calmer and smoother in the morning time. While you are taking local tours, book one of our amazing Grand Canyon rafting trips!