Grand Canyon Rafting Trips on the Rise After Coronavirus

Last March of this year, Grand Canyon National Park made several modifications to their river rafting trips to comply with COVID-19 rules implemented by the White House and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Commercial, private, research and administrative trips were suspended and the park was closed throughout April and May.

Avid river-rafting enthusiasts can now rejoice though, because the Grand Canyon National Park just broke the news that river trips to the area have been approved beginning the 14th of June, 2020.


Opening of Grand Canyon River Rafting Brings Much Hope to Businesses

Both big and small businesses that thrived before the coronavirus pandemic felt the sizable impact that the outbreak caused, with financial losses amounting to millions of dollars. The announcement was welcomed eagerly by business owners, their employees, campers, hikers and river-rafters.

This event, the opening of a new season albeit a late one, will hopefully bring normalcy back bit by bit. Most remain optimistic that all businesses operating for the park will be able to get back on their feet again. While many are not expecting people to come in droves due to coronavirus safety precautions, the opening of the park and the availability of rafting trips around the river will end the malaise, ennui and anxiety that the outbreak has caused.

June is the time to go out and get some much-needed rays. Sunlight is a known cure for melancholy and its natural sanitizing qualities, coupled with the lovely environs of the Grand Canyon, will surely put a little color and pep to our outlook and wellbeing. Just don’t leave the sunscreen at home.

In addition, what’s more exciting to look forward to than an action-packed, thrilling rafting experience in one of the United States’ most esteemed river parks?


Safety for the Public and Park Staff: An Utmost Priority

In order to get back to normal again, there are specific guidelines everyone should follow to further alleviate the spread of the coronavirus. National parks all over the country are determined to keep track and comply to all guidelines and advice set the proper authorities.

Beginning next month, all businesses and their employees and all vacationers in the Grand Canyon National Park are expected to follow the “New Normal” rules. Rules to be followed are as follows:

1. Businesspersons, staff and guests are required to cover up. Bring your own mask and wear it according to the rules set.

2. All washing stations should never run out of soaps and sanitizers to accommodate the need to wash and sanitize hands regularly.

3. All rafts, vehicles and gear provided by expedition businesses should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

4. All staff will be required to undergo temperature and pulse oximeter screening. They are also required to wear gloves and masks at all times.

5. Social distancing should be followed. There will also be group spacing in rafts and vehicles.

6. Upon arrival, guests are required to undergo a temperature and oxygen level screening and answer several questions related to COVID-19 symptoms. This is to reduce coronavirus infections to all guests and staff.

7. For food service, guests are obligated to wash their hands and sanitize their hands with 70 percent alcohol before eating and they should wear food service gloves as well. Guides need to have the latest certification on food handling.

8. Utilizing masks and gloves during food preparation is mandatory. Replacing gloves between tasks during food preparation should also be followed.


Grand Canyon River Rafting Post-Quarantine

Now that strict measures on the temporary closure of parks and business establishments have been lifted, we can start to move on and go about our usual routines. Business owners are quite positive that the new season will bring in much-needed cheer to assuage fears and anxieties related to the coronavirus outbreak.

There’s indeed nothing better than to get active and immerse yourself in a pursuit like river rafting in the rivers of the highly-esteemed park. People have been cooped up for so long inside their homes, itching to be close to nature once more, breathe fresh air and just take in the natural ecological marvels of the Grand Canyon.

Now that the park will reopen in June, we expect nothing but smiles, laughter and the joy of being outdoors.

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