Grand Canyon Rafting Trips for the Family

AGC Offers Many Grand Canyon Rafting Trips For The Family!

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips for the Family The Grand Canyon has everything for all types of folks ? very popular for couples,  friends, solo travelers and especially families. Often coined as an adventure of a lifetime, there is much to gain on a Grand Canyon raft trip. Being away from technology for days at a time is a very liberating experience. Additionally, it is not uncommon for larger groups to come together and experience the Grand Canyon as a way to boost camaraderie and teamwork among other things. [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" aspect_ratio="16:9" maxwidth="725" grow="no"] But for family, the benefits are endless. Families who visit the Grand Canyon for a whitewater river rafting trip say that the experience is incredibly beneficial and almost difficult to explain. Among other things, this experience strengthens family ties, brings them closer together, develops trust and opens the mind. This results in memory etching vacation that is arguably impossible to be reproduced elsewhere. Special Clients Need Special Care Because families going on a whitewater river rafting trips are often composed of adult parents, grandparents, and younger children, the varied ages can become challenging when trying to satisfy every generation's needs. At Advantage Grand Canyon, we are specialists and know the itineraries of each and every outfitter that offers whitewater rafting trips. We can often find availability to satisfy everyone's preferences/needs.

Family Rafting Trips We Recommend

Finding a Grand Canyon raft trip is about taking into consideration your designated travel window, route and raft preferences as well as any special needs. Safety comes first, as often times there are elderly in their 70's as well as children as young as 8 years old on these Colorado river trips. For children (8-10 years old) with a short temperament, we recommend shorter duration western canyon river trips as the trips do not require any strenuous hiking via the Bright Angel Trail. For children 12 and above, they can partake in most non-motor oar raft trips which are longer in length and can last between 5-18 days in length. Taking your family to enjoy the sights, sounds and rapids of the Grand Canyon is one sure way to strengthen the family bond. Whitewater river rafting trips with your family and loved ones will be an unparalleled experience, and finding the right trip is something that we at Advantage Grand Canyon are experts at doing. We look forward to assisting you! Search for your trip by clicking the banner below!