Grand Canyon Raft Trips Make For A Perfect Family Vacation

Whether for just 3 days or 3 weeks, there is always likely perfect Grand Canyon raft trips that are here on our site for your family’s excitement. It's destined to be the best family vacation you’ll ever take. These trips have all the makings of a trip of a lifetime as they provide families with great adventure while on the raft, delicious meals prepared for you, 45 amazing side canyon attractions daily, and most importantly being off the grid and letting you detach from your daily grind; away from Facebook, text messages, iPads, voicemail and emails.

Grand Canyon Rafting Trips: Top Benefits To Enjoy

Raft Trips in the Grand Canyon - Advantage Grand CanyonEach day while rafting through the Grand Canyon you will enjoy deliciously prepared meals by your talented guides giving you plenty of nutrition and energy for a action packed day to remember. You will navigate through multiple rapids making your way down river to the next stop or attraction which will often include a nice hike in order to get there. Side canyon hikes can be as short as 5 minutes, or as long as up to an hour depending on the location of the attraction. While on the raft and in between rapids, you will get to enjoy each other’s company and meet others on your raft that you will get to know. It is recommended that you introduce yourself to your fellow travel mates as soon as possible. This helps form a bond and unity among your group and will help make your trip more memorable and enjoyable. While completely unconnected from the world, rest assured that your guides will be carrying satellite phones. In the case of an emergency, the trip leader can make a call for help and anyone needing special attention can be helicopter rescued. As previously mentioned, being off the grid has it’s advantages. I remember a story a guide shared with me. There was a family made up of 3 generations, Grandparents, their kids and grandkids. The first 2 days of their 7-day raft trip the guide noticed the young grandchildren ages 10, 12 and 14 unhappy, moody and complaining that they felt isolated and unhappy about being away from their creature comforts: iPods, iPhones and video games. Each day that followed, the guide noticed something magical happening. There was a sort of transformation happening as the children’s mood was changing.

They were smiling more, active and engaged with their family and getting to know their grandparents in a way they never had before. By the end of their trip, the guide noticed the children crying because they would have to be separated from their grandparents with whom they became very close with on this Grand Canyon raft trips - South Rim - AdvantageGrandCanyon.comamazing adventure. This was a special experience that the guide mentioned happens all of the time while in the canyon. He said it is one of the reasons he has chosen this profession, watching the transformation occur is a very rewarding experience for everyone involved. While hundreds of thousands of visitors visit the south rim in Grand Canyon village annually, only a small handful get to experience the canyon from the river. Grand Canyon raft trips are very special trips that can unite a family in a way that no other vacation can.