Grand Canyon Map


Grand Canyon Map If you ask the average American about the most beautiful place on Earth, you will no doubt hear them countlessly say the Grand Canyon. Of course, even if you asked a non-American, you will find that many of them will have to agree that the Grand Canyon is truly one of the most beautiful places on the entire planet. The Grand Canyon truly is a marvel to look at, and it's even better when it's thoroughly explored through such means as hiking and horseback riding. With that being said, it's very important for visitors to have a Grand Canyon map.

Why You Should Use A Grand Canyon Map?

The Grand Canyon is located in the northwestern area of Arizona. Due to the the otherwise remote location the Canyon, and the fact that there are so many mountains in the area, it's easy to imagine that there are a lot of reception problems. This means that using devices such as a GPS or a phone map will not work very well in the Canyon. Hence, the importance that visitors go old school and opt to use a map when trying to navigate through the Grand Canyon.


There are many maps available throughout the many stores found in the Canyon. Usually, you will be able to grab a map that is highly detailed in regards to where in the Canyon you are staying. Seeing as the Grand Canyon is split up into the east, west, south and north side, you can expect a detailed map that pertains to the side of the canyon you are currently visiting. Usually, the maps are available in all shops and are very cheap for purchase. You're definitely better off purchasing a map for everyone who is with you; in case they get lost, they will be able to navigate themselves. Once you have gotten your hands on a Grand Canyon map, your best bet is to go ahead and to go hiking through the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is known for providing some of the best hiking experiences the world has to offer.  Make sure that you are heading in the right direction by using a map.  With the help of a map, you will be able to find rare locations to visit while hiking; providing you the opportunity to see truly unique vantage points of this one of a kind canyon. If you've read up to here, you can certainly see just why it is so important that any visitors get a map of the Grand Canyon. Not only does a map help in the case someone gets lost, it promotes a sense of adventure to go and visit areas which are not normally visited by tourists. Navigate to Grand Canyon by way of your own vehicle, or pubic transportation form Phoenix via Additional transportation options are located on our transportation page.  Hence, if you're feeling adventurous and looking to get your own personal experience of the Canyon, head to the south rim Grand Canyon map location (visitor's center) to pick up your map. While you are visiting the beautiful Grand Canyon area, book an amazing rafting trip with one of the 15 outfitters through us!