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We are a central reservation service for all Grand Canyon Rafting Trips. We have an educated team available to address questions and provide you with detailed information on river trips that fit within your travel preferences. With 16 outfitters and over a thousand trips to choose from, the planning process can be stressful. That is where we come in! Our goal is to create an enjoyable, free and unbiased experience for you while navigating the many options of traveling through one of America’s most prized possessions. Not sure what questions to ask or where to start? No problem! Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you, or you may compare hundreds of trips at once with our Trip Finder. Take the Advantage!


With 16 different outfitters and over a thousand trips to choose from, we do the leg work and find your ideal trip based on your needs.

Within a few short hours, we will present you with available itineraries so you can compare the different trip options apples to apples.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 16 commercial outfitters, and they are all unique in their own way. All of them have excellent safety records, very experienced guides trained in first aid having rafted hundreds of river miles, high quality rafts/gear and everything you need to ensure an amazing rafting experience. What varies is their individual itineraries: Where trips begin or end, how many river miles they travel, how many days and raft type. Some will offer sleeping cots, while others a self-inflating sleeping pad. Some will offer camp chairs and even pillows. Some focus only on non-motor trips, while others offer motor as well as non-motor. These are some of the the main differences between one outfitter to the next. Our experts will match you with the outfitter/trip the best fits your needs.
The rafting season is from April – October and each month has it’s own beauty. Spring and Fall trips feature more mild temperatures and cooler, more comfortable sleeping conditions. June through August trips are the more popular months and often reach temperatures between 100-115 degrees during the day. The monsoon season begins on June 15 and ends on September 30, but the storms peak between mid-July and mid-August and during this time, you can anticipate occasional showers periodically. These showers often come and go and are refreshing given the high temperatures. If you’re looking for raft trips with extended hiking, outfitters offer these in spring and fall as the cooler temperatures allow for longer hikes.
Whether docked for lunch or at camp, a toilet facility also known as the “Groover” is available. There is a hand wash station with an “OCCUPIED” sign leading down a path to the toilet. The restroom will have a white toilet seat just like what you have at home, and is much more comfortable than a port-a-potty. It will be hidden away from the view of others as placement is carefully decided on by the trip leader (proximity to the kitchen – downwind and not too close, the river – for peeing purposes, and often will feature a gorgeous view of he river. While on the raft, there are ways to pee into the river, privately. Also, plenty of pit-stop opportunities, and disposable systems should you have to go #2. Just ask your guide and they will accommodate.
You’ll be happy to know that no previous experience is necessary for most Colorado river trips in the Grand Canyon. 70% of our guests have no previous river rafting experience, let alone never have spent a night sleeping outdoors. The only exception (by a couple of outfitter’s strong recommendation) would be a lower canyon all-paddle trip as the first couple of rapids are among the largest of the river, and there is very little time to get comfortable in the raft prior to these rapids. An open mind, a positive outlook will ensure you’ll make wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

Ask yourself 3 questions:

1. How much time do I have?

2. Would I prefer to hike out of the canyon or in?

3. What are some highlights on the river that I am hoping to experience ?

1. The Upper Canyon segment ranges from 3-7 days in length (3-4 days for motor trips – 6-7 days for non-motor trips), while the Lower Canyon segment ranges from 4-9  days in length (4-5 days for motor trips – 7-9 for non-motor trips).  Some guests simply choose their trip by the amount of time they have to travel.  If you have the flexibility to do either a 6 or 9 day trip, you will then want to ask yourself if you prefer to hike out of Grand Canyon or into Grand Canyon.

2.  Hiking Grand Canyon is a strenuous and rewarding experience.  The Bright Angel trail is 9.5 miles long, and has an elevation change of 4,500 feet.  Guests who choose to hike the Canyon need to be prepared for the rigors presented on the trail, and in good physical condition to complete the hike.   Upper Canyon trips require you to climb out of Grand Canyon, which is a demanding cardiovascular workout.  Lower Canyon trips require you to hike down the Bright Angel trail, putting strain on the joints of the body; making it important to have strong knees, ankles and hips, to help minimize the impact on the body.  If you are confident in your ability to either hike into or out of Grand Canyon, you will then want to consider the experience you are hoping to gain while on the river.

3. Both segments of the Grand Canyon offer rapids, geology, archeological sites, vista hikes and the opportunity to explore side canyons on day hikes.  However, each segment has more prominent features associated with it. The Upper Canyon often times appeals most to those more interested in Archeology and Geology.  With many natural flood planes, the Native Americans had the opportunity to harvest crops in areas of the Upper Canyon, presenting the opportunity to discover archeological sites while on your rafting adventure.   In addition to archeological sites, the Upper Canyon also provides an intimate view of each rock layer.  As you descend into the Canyon, the rock layers become exposed, creating the chance for your guides to take you on a walk through Grand Canyon’s geological timeline.

With over 100 rapids,the Lower Canyon offers an exciting adventure for thrill seekers hoping to experience big whitewater.  This segment of the river has some of the most renown rapids in North America, such as Lava Falls,  Crystal, Hermit and Horn Creek.  This segment of whitewater is not for the faint of heart.  In addition to big whitewater, the Lower Canyon offers more tributaries flowing into the Canyon, creating hidden oasis’ and beautiful waterfalls.  Some of the more famous tributaries are Tapeats Creek, Deer Creek Falls, Elves Chasm and Havasupai Creek.    

Absolutely not. We are priced exactly the same as the operators who are selling the exact same Grand Canyon river raft trips. We are a free service to you and get paid a commission from the outfitters for referrals. We do the leg work and contact every outfitter on your behalf.