Whitewater Rafting Basics

  Whitewater rafting is truly an exciting adventure that is often considered a once in a lifetime bucket list trip. In addition, it is an activity that anyone can join. This is mainly possible because commercial whitewater rafting trips are well organized and guided by experts with years of experience. If you have or are contemplating booking a whitewater rafting expedition for you and your family, here are some tips to keep your trip fun and more importantly, safe.

1. Choose The Right Outfitter - Advantage Grand Canyon

All of the outfitters eligible to take passengers on Grand Canyon raft trips are authorized concessioners of Grand Canyon National Park.  They must maintain excellent safety practices and records in order to continue in good standing and be granted permits for future raft trips. The main difference between them is the itineraries they are granted by the national park, more specifically their put in and take out points. All of them offer fantastic adventure, great food, experienced guides and guarantee an incredibly unique experience.  Choose a trip that satisfies you and your family's needs, preferences and activity level.  Full canyon motor raft trips (offered by the majority of the outfitters 12 of 16) are the most popular of all raft trips as one gets to see the full canyon in just 6-8 days.Grand Canyon Rafting - Advantage Grand Canyon

2. Listen to your Guides and Wear Your Life Jacket

This is a must when going whitewater rafting. Proper use of your life jacket might mean the difference between life and death. Accidents in the water are rare on Grand Canyon raft trips, and much of this is because of the strict observance of this rule, excellent guidance and safety practices.

3. Choose the Right Outerwear

If you are going on a trip during the shoulder seasons, be prepared for more range in temperature primarily on the colder side at night when the sun tucks behind the canyon walls. Long underwear top and bottom is not only useful during this season but also recommended during the summer months as the weather can turn quickly without warning. Regardless of the season or month,  make sure you have enough sunscreen and wear something that dries quickly like polypro, dri-fit or polyester for its wicking properties while on raft however in order to stay cool use cotton as it has evaporative properties; dunk it in the river and put it on to stay cool. Sunglasses with UV protection are also a must, in fact we recommend bringing a back up. By planning and packing well, you are setting yourself up for success. Please reference the detailed trip packets we will provide to you for your specific trip. See our Gear page for shopping options directly on Amazon. Your guides are there to support and guide you on your whitewater rafting trip, so make sure you pay attention to their safety talks and actively take part in your role of making smart decisions keeping safety first!