14 Day Full Canyon Paddle Raft Trip

  • Canyon Route: Lees Ferry to Lake Mead ( 280 river miles)
  • Meet: Marble Canyon, AZ
  • Return: Las Vegas, NV
  • Transportation: Optional flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon (not included) - Return via ground transportation from take-out point (Lake Mead) to Las Vegas at trip's end (reserved by outfitter - not included in price) If you drive to South Rim, car can be shuttled to take out point awaiting you upon trip's end - (not included)

  • Lodging: Marble Canyon Lodge (reserved by outfitter-not included in price ≈$48/person) Will need to be in Marble Canyon for an orientation meeting the night prior to your start date

  • Rapids: 47 major rapids rated 5 or above (1-10 rating scale)
  • Group size: 20 passengers
  • Minimum Age: 14 years old
  • Included: Camping gear w/ sleeping pads
  • Required Hike: None
  • Raft: Paddle Rafts
  • Price: $5424  Deposit: $600
  • *Price includes a suggested donation of $1/day to the Grand Canyon Fund

Trip Logistics:

You will need to arrive in Marble Canyon the day prior to your trip’s start date. Lodging in Marble Canyon at Marble Canyon Lodge is not included in the price but is reserved by the outfitter. If starting in Las Vegas, you will meet a representative at McCarren airport at 1:45pm on the afternoon prior to your trip’s start date and you will be transported to the North Las Vegas airport for a charter flight to Marble Canyon.  Ground transportation is also available. There is a 8:00pm orientation meeting this evening and the next morning you will be shuttled to Lees Ferry at approximately 8am to begin your adventure. At mid-morning of the final day, you will be transported by bus back to Las Vegas at approximately 2-3pm. If planning to depart Las Vegas, it is not recommended to schedule airfare until after 6pm. If you drove to Marble Canyon, a popular option is to have your car shuttled to the take-out point to be awaiting you upon exit.  

Hotel Reservations/Transportation To & From

Hotel (trip’s start):

  • Marble Canyon Lodge, we can arrange lodging at $48/person

Transportation (trip’s start):

  • Arrange your own transportation to Marble Canyon and arrive a day before the trip’s start date.
  • Hire Bar10Transport (435-628-4010) for Ground or Air transport from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon a day before the trip’s start date.

Transportation (trip’s end):

  • You will be driven from Lake Mead to Las Vegas - this is arranged by the outfitter and will be an additional cost
  • If your vehicle is parked in Marble Canyon, you can have it shuttled to the take out point at trip’s end by calling Greg Montgomery (928-564-2194), or River Runners Shuttle Service

Luggage Storage:

  • If beginning and ending your trip in Las Vegas, check with your hotel about luggage storage options

Paddle Raft 

Paddle raft trips are high in demand and low in supply as only 4 of 15 outfitters offer them. Your guide sits at the back and commands the team of 6-8 paddlers, who are digging into the water full time. These trips are recommended for those with multi-day paddle experience under their belt as many days in succession can become tiresome. A typical All-paddle trip will consist of 5-6 rafts or floatilla. Some hybrid trips have one paddle raft along, however pre-designated seating in either the pddle raft or oar raft are requried. Paddle trips travel at speed of the river 3-4 mph, more slowly and essentially doubling the trip duration when compared to a motorized trip. This slower pace offers a great opportunity for an intimate experience with the river while listening to your guide's extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon. There are upper, lower, western and full canyon trips offered on motor rafts. Some full canyon trips continue straight through with the same group of passengers, while others will make a pit-stop to let off upper canyon passengers, and allow for lower canyon trip passengers to join the group for the rest of the trip.


  • Limited rafting type option, offered by 4 of 15 outfitters
  • Slower paced more intimate experience during calm waters
  • Great for those looking for a more physically demanding adventure while on raft
  • Great opportunity to listen to your guide’s extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon while on raft
  • Smallest raft type, very agile and allows passengers to ‘feel’ more of the rapids
  • Passengers paddle full time for days in succession and can cause muscle fatigue.
  • Recommended for those with previous multi-day paddle experience.
  • Minimum 12-16 years old - most outfitters
  • Group size between 18-24 dependent on what time of year
  • Rafts may vary slightly from sample image

Payment and cancellation policies:

  • Deposits are required in order to reserve your spaces
    • $400/person for Upper Canyon Trips
    • $500/person for Lower Canyon Trips
    • $600/person for Full Canyon Trips
  • Cancellations:
    • Up to 120 days prior to your trip date incurs a non-refundable cancellation fee of:
      • $300/person for Upper Canyon Trips
      • $400/person for Lower Canyon Trips
      • $500/person for Full Canyon Trips
    • Within 120 days of your trip there is NO refund unless:
      • Outfitter can resell the cancelled space(s)
      • If the space is refilled, then all monies will be returned less a 30% cancellation fee
  • Final payment is due 130 days prior to trip start date:
    • If booking within 130 days prior to trip start, full payment is due
    • Final payment to be made in the form of a check to Advantage Grand Canyon
  • In the event you have to cancel, you may consider:
    • Substituting members on your reservation
    • Change trip or type to another available trip in the same year
    • File your trip insurance claim with your personal provider more information below

Purchase trip cancellation insurance - Highly Recommended

  • Insurance can help reimburse you in the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances
  • Most popular option listed below - click on link to view different levels of coverage with an immediate quote:


Additional Trip Dates

IconFirst Day

You will be driven to the launch point, Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon in the morning to meet your river guides. Guests will have dry bags provided as well as a life jacket, and shortly after you will be underway to begin your journey!

IconEvery Day

Each day you will be on and off the raft multiple times. Each itinerary regardless of the outfitter, includes daily side canyon hiking opportunities to some of the most beautiful scenery the Grand Canyon has to offer. In addition, you will see gorgeous waterfalls and streams rarely accessible outside of these multi-day raft trips. After enjoying the excitement of fun rapids, you will stop for lunch which is prepared river-side on a beautiful sandy beach. You will be entertained with fascinating information on the history, geology, and ecology of the canyon. Often, there is another stop after lunch before arriving at camp for the evening. Tents are always available however depending on the season, many opt to sleep under the stars each night.

IconLast Day

280 River Mile Trips/Lake Mead Exit - Late morning sometimes early afternoon, you'll make your way to Lake Mead. The departure point will be Pearce Ferry and there may be a 45 minute jet boat ride to this point. There you will be met by transportation vehicle(s) to take you to Las Vegas.

"Excellent from beginning to end. Paddle boat option, amazing hikes, solitary floating to action packed rapids. The guides are passionate about the river, canyons and maintaing the beauty. highly recommend this company for a perfect blend of adventure with a safe and supportive twist."
-Portland, OR

"Best Thing I've Ever Done! I did the bottom 9 days, joining the rest of my crew who did 14 days. We loved our guides. They were fun, knowledgeable, safe. They taught us lots about geology, history, water, rafting. The food was amazing. The front office was easy to deal with. I would do this again."
-Albuquerque, NM

"This was an amazing trip with a super professional group. It was, as many promised, a life changing experience. I wish I was back on the river right now!"
-Flagstaff, AZ

"Best Thing I've Ever Done! I did the bottom 9 days, joining the rest of my crew who did 14 days. We loved our guides. They were fun, knowledgeable, safe. They taught us lots about geology, history, water, rafting. The food was amazing. The front office was easy to deal with. I would do this again."
-Chicago, IL

"I went on the 8 day motorised trip. It was the most incredible experience of my life. The guides were exceptional with their knowledge of the river, cooking expertise and general easy to get along with. I travelled from Australia with some work colleagues and had no expectations apart from to view the scenery and just enjoy the break. It was so much more. I will definitely be back with friends and family."
Sale, Australia