Best Places to Go White Water Rafting in The World

Whitewater rafting can offer the thrill of a lifetime for most uninitiated. For those who have already mastered the elements and can safely and confidently navigate through the different obstacles, hidden or otherwise, in the world’s best whitewater river rapid systems, the challenge is answering the question: Where to next? Before you can even begin to fathom the enormity of the challenge, you should know that Class 6 rapids are generally the most dangerous and where no serious adventurer is ever allowed to shoot its waters. As such, the maximum legally allowed class of rapids that these daredevils can take on is a Class 5+. And there are quite plenty of them. But, to start the ball rolling, here’s the world’s top 3 whitewater rafting destinations.

Sizzling Whitewater Rafting Destinations

1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has more than a few hundreds of whitewater river systems that are perfect for all levels of skills. Apart from its obvious otherworldly scenery, the Grand Canyon pulls ahead of all other US whitewater river systems due to its staggering variety of rapids classes. Rapids are rated using the International Scale of River Difficulty, which rates the technical difficulty levels of rapids on a scale of 1-6. For the daredevils, nothing beats the sheer difficulty afforded by Barrel Springs. With two large and equally dangerous rapids, the Barrel Springs run is a 3-kilometer stretch of Class IV+ and Class V+ rapids that even the toughest of professional whitewater kayakers and rafters will have second thoughts conquering. With rapids named like Upper Death and Life After Death, who would not tremble in fear even before getting into gear? The Upper Death rapids have been aptly called the Kayakers’ Nightmare.

However, one thing is for certain. No matter who you are or what you look for in a rafting trip, you’re guaranteed to experience it all, including eons of colorful days-gone-by carved into the precipitous walls of the Grand Canyon gorge, when you float and battle your way down the omnipotent Colorado River. When you aren’t combating the powerful rapids, the calm stretches afford an exclusive view of the canyon. The journey also offers plenty of land adventure with loads of great hiking trails and beautiful beaches, and each rewarding day will culminate in a tranquil night spent sleeping on one of these sandy beaches under the stars.

2. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Smacked right in the international border between Zambia and Zimbabwe and sourced from the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls produces some of the world?s most thrilling Class V rapids anywhere along the length of its many gorges. Many thrill seekers have attempted to conquer Commercial Suicide, Stairway to Heaven, and Devil’s Toilet Bowl but have had mixed successes. Starting off at the foot of the 108-meter high Victoria Falls, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular views in a whitewater river rapid ecosystem.

3. Futaleufu River, Chile

Extreme adventure sportsmen and women can only comprehend the sheer danger that awaits them once they set foot on our next whitewater rafting destination, Chile?s Futaleufu River. This 14-mile stretch of whitewater river rapids is dotted with Class V rapids that only the bravest of the brave dare conquer. With names of rapids as vivid as Gates of Inferno, Wall Shot, and Perfect Storm, anyone can get the impression that one mistake might as well be your last. The level of difficulty of Futaleufu River?s rapids are legendary they are absolute experts and daredevils-only systems. These rapids are never for beginners. Even professionals think twice before even venturing in these waters.

For those adventurous at heart, but aren't up for a challenge this intense and risky, Grand Canyon rafting trips can offer you the same adrenaline filled adventure, in a safer overall experience as you are in the hands of experienced guides with years invested reading and navigating these class 5 to 10 rapids. Why Class 10? Colorado River in Grand Canyon has a 1 - 10 rating scale so consider a class 5 in Grand Canyon, a class 3 in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Since the rapids in the Grand Canyon section of the Colorado River vary so greatly in terms of difficulty, rafting tours have been carefully crafted to suit the styles of every adventurer. First timers and relaxed rafters find excellent, laid-back tours that are fashioned along river sections containing easier-to-navigate, lower-class rapids. Thrill seekers experience heart-pounding adventures on whitewater rafting tours created just for them along sections of difficult, high-rated rapids. Whitewater rafting is dramatically increasing in popularity as experts and addicts tout its spender and as newbies decide to have a first-time crack at it. As more and more people look for the best place to take a first stab at rafting or look for a more difficult challenge, rafting the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon becomes continually more popular. Commercial Grand Canyon raft trips are a great option for children as young as 7 years old and we've even had passengers in their 80's! To find your perfect tour in the Number 1 rated whitewater rafter destination in the United States, give us a shout and we’ll help point you in the right direction.