Adventure Tourism Rafting Trips

What Is Adventure Tourism?

 Adventure tourism is a hot new type of niche travel that centers around exploration of exotic locations, immersion in nature, physical exertion and often times, some degree of risk. This exciting new branch of travel has grown exponentially in recent decades as people seek more exciting and unique holiday opportunities to escape the monotony and "Jonesing" that often accompanies typical beach resort vacations. Adventure tourists are motivated by and thrive on new experiences that push them out of their comfort zones and into the unexpected. They seek adventures that are guaranteed to give them an adrenaline rush and cause them to achieve a zen-like state of mental centeredness and clarity, called flow. Flow, as defined by positive psychology, is the state of being completely mentally focused on and absorbed in an activity, and really digging it. The absolute essence of flow is experiencing spontaneous feelings of joy while doing an exercise. It?s no wonder adventure tourism is growing so rapidly. Who wouldn?t want to experience such natural highs? [iframe id="" align="center" mode="normal" autoplay="no" aspect_ratio="16:9" maxwidth="700" grow="no"]

What Are Some Adventure Tourism Sports?

 Adventure tourism encompasses a multitude of activities. So long as the activities meet the above requirements, adventurers will seek them out. These tourist activities may include mountain biking, zip-lining, spelunking (caving), bungee jumping, mountaineering, yoga retreats, scuba diving, birding , hunting, surfing, hiking, rock climbing, and our personal favorite, whitewater rafting. Guides are the backbone of the adventure tourism industry. With a great guide, you?ll really get the full experience. Here at Advantage Grand Canyon, we?re thrilled to be able to send you to our Grand Canyon rafting operators who employ the best, most qualified guides in the whitewater rafting industry. Our guides are highly experienced in their fields, having a primary interest in outdoor, travel-oriented lifestyles, a deep love of their sport and of the travelers who share their passion. On top of that, they possess excellent safety, social, organizational and hospitality skills. So now you?re psyched to experience the rushes and flows of adventure tourism, right? Well, give it a try! If there?s even one little bone in your body that yearns for excitement, adventure and this type of travel, trust that bone. Believe us, one taste and you?ll be hooked. When you?re ready to take the first step as a new adventure tourist, give us a call. We?re eager to get you started on the right foot, with an incredible whitewater rafting vacation that you?ll remember vividly and fondly for the rest of your life.