6 Day Full Canyon Motor Raft Trip

  • Canyon Route: Lees Ferry to Whitmore Wash ( 188 river miles)
  • Meet: Las Vegas, NV
  • Return: Las Vegas, NV
  • Transportation: Optional flight from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon (not included) and return via helicopter and charter flight (included) from take-out point (Whitmore Wash) to Marble Canyon or Las Vegas

  • Lodging: Marble Canyon Lodge in Marble Canyon - Las Vegas Marriott in Las Vegas. Will need to be at either location the day prior to trip's start date (lodging not included)

  • Rapids: 38 major rapids rated 5 or above (1-10 rating scale)
  • Group size: 14 passengers per raft. 2 raft maximum
  • Minimum Age: 12 years old
  • Included: Camping gear w/ chairs & sleeping cots
  • Required Hike: In or out of canyon
  • Raft: J-Rig
  • Price: $2956  Deposit: $300
  • *Price includes a suggested donation of $1/day to the Grand Canyon Fund

Trip Logistics:

You will need to arrive in either Las Vegas or Marble Canyon the night prior to your trip’s start date. Lodging is not included in the price. If starting in Las Vegas, you will meet a representative at the Las Vegas Marriott at 4:45am on the morning of day 1 for a charter flight to Marble Canyon to meet your group. If starting in Marble Canyon, you will meet the group in front of the Marble Canyon Lodge at 7:30am for an orientation. You will then take a short 15 minute drive to Lee’s Ferry to begin your adventure. On the morning of day 6, you will be transported via helicopter to Bar10 Ranch where you will enjoy lunch and a hot shower. Shortly after, you will board a charter plane to either Marble Canyon or Las Vegas, NV which will conclude your trip. Flight reservations departing Las Vegas on this day should not be scheduled before 6pm. 

Hotel Reservations/Transportation To & From

Hotel at Trip's Start in Las Vegas, NV: There is a room block at the Las Vegas Marriott for Grand Canyon rafters.

Hotel at Trip's Start in Marble Canyon, AZ: Marble Canyon Lodge in Marble Canyon.

Transportation to Marble Canyon: You have three options to get to the starting point: 
1. Arrange your own transportation to Marble Canyon
2. Meet in Las Vegas the mornign of your trip and fly via charter plane to Marble Canyon. We can assist with booking this flight.
3. Hire ground transport from Las Vegas to Marble Canyon and arrive the day before your raft trip begins Bar10Transport (800-582-4139.

Transportation at Trip's End: You will have the option of flying to Las Vegas or Marble Canyon, AZ. This is included in the trip fare.

Motor Raft Trip

Motor trips are the most popular of all trip types. There are more motor trip launches than any other combined, among all of the outfitters. Typical launches include 2 rafts, and group sizes between 22-28 depending on the outfitter. There are upper, lower, western and full canyon trips offered on motor rafts. Some full canyon trips continue straight through with the same group of passengers, while others will make a pit-stop to let off upper canyon passengers, and allow for lower canyon trip passengers to join the group for the rest of the trip.

  • Most popular of all raft types, offered by 11 of 16 outfitters
  • Most comfortable seating positions of all raft types and great for guests who seek a sense of security with a larger raft type
  • Covers more distance per day compared to non-motor trips
  • Action packed trips – will see more in a day and get form one attraction to another more frequently compared to non-motor
  • Popular choice for those looking to see more of the canyon while having ample time for off raft exploration
  • Largest percentage of people choose this raft type
  • Popular choice for any age especially children/teens who seek more activities Minimum 8 years old 
  • Group sizes between 12-14 per raft, 2 raft maximum/trip
  • Rafts may vary slightly from sample image
Motor Raft Trip

2019 Deposit: A deposit in the amount of $300/person is required in order to process your reservation.

2019 Payment: in full is due 90 days prior to trip departure and may be paid by check or credit card. With your prior approval, we can automatically charge the balance due to your credit card 90 days prior to trip departure (if full payment has not been received). We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if full payment is not collected by the due date. If you must cancel any reservation, the information regarding the cancellation must be received in writing.

2019 Cancellation Fee: 
From 91+ days to departure = $100/person
Payment in full is due 90 days prior to trip departure
From 0-90 days to departure = No Refund

* Deposits for charter trips are non-refundable
* Cancellations within 90 days of departure: Forfeit Full Fare (Name changes 90 days or less: $50 service charge)
* No trip or date transfers will be allowed within 90 days of trip departure for any reason.
* Trip or date transfers into following season 90+ days incur fees & all funds become non-refundable.

2020 Deposit 6&7 Day Trips: A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500/person in required in order to process your reservation.

2020 Deposit 3&4 Day Trips: A Non-refundable deposit in the amount of $300/person in required in order to process your reservation.

2020 Payment: Payment in full will be due 90 days prior to trip departure and is non-refundable.
2020 Cancellation Fee:  Grand Canyon reservations will require between a $300 & $500 non-refundable per person deposit. Payment in full will be due 90 days prior to trip departure and is non-refundable.

Additional Trip Dates

IconFirst Day

Meet your crew and rafts at 7:30 AM at Marble Canyon, Arizona, a dramatic launch point on the Colorado River. When you arrive at the river after a short 15 minute drive, there will be a brief orientation from your guides and set off down the river.

IconEvery Day

Wake up to the smell of freshly-brewed cowboy coffee – sounds of rushing water mingled with the murmur of sleepy voices echoing through the grotto’s of the canyon walls. Breakfast is hot and hearty – or as light as you want. After breakfast you will be asked to form a “bucket line” to help load the gear back on the boats and then the Colorado River beckons and you are off once again experiencing the rush of adrenaline as you continue on your journey back in time. 

Enjoy spectacular white water of major rapids, such as Horn Creek, Granite, Hermit, Crystal, Upset and Lava Falls – you will see and enjoy dozens of additional sights, as well as stretches of calm water where you will relax in the warm sun and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Photographic opportunities abound in the lower canyon. Lunch on the Colorado River; build your own sandwiches, with chips, cookies, fruit and soft drinks. Relax, read a book or perhaps hike or fish before shoving off again for an afternoon of thrills and surprises. Late afternoon finds you at camp for the evening. Again you will be asked to help unload the gear from the boats. As your crew sets up the camp kitchen everyone finds their ideal camp spot and sets up their “home” for the night. Later you relax with a cool drink and hors d’ oeuvres, get better acquainted with your fellow river companions – as dinner sizzles on the grill. After dinner watch the sun set, join in the conversation of the group, and listen to the quiet of the canyon as you settle into your sleeping bag under a blanket of stars. Tomorrow brings another typical day on the Colorado River. 

IconLast Day

188 River Mile Trips/Whitmore Exit- In the morning you will leave camp and be on the rafts for a short time before arriving at the helicopter pad at Whitmore Wash. You will enjoy a scenic helicopter ride (approx. 10 minutes) up and over the canyon rim and arrive at the Bar 10 Ranch. There you will have time for a quick shower before getting on your plane which will return you to either Las Vegas or Marble Canyon which you will need to specify before your trip.

"This was an amazing experience! I hope one day I will be able to bring my kids when they are older. Amazing staff, amazing views, amazing experience!"
-Sacramento, CA

"Absolutely fabulous. Now my wife want's to do it. Great guides, unbelievable food, scenery to die for."
-Cherry Creek, CO

"What an awesome time! They took great care of us. Great for all ages, the guides were very helpful and friendly. Really made my trip great!. I Highly recommend this adventure."
-Melbourn, AUS

"I would highly recommend going on this great adventure you meet great people and learn about the history of the earth and how the river came to be. The guides are fantastic Riley, Holly, Zach and Troy with over 29 years of experience under his belt you feel safe your on the right trip"
-Portland, OR

"This 8 day motorized raft trip fulfilled all of my expectations and then some! The scenery is incredibly beautiful! The staff did an awesome job keeping us safe, well-fed, entertained and involved! I loved every minute of the trip and recommend it to anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the beauty of nature!"
-Lynnwood, WA

"Epic scenery, sleeping uder the very bright stars, meeting new friends and learning about the history of the canyon, the river and the native peoples and geology were all highlights. The guides made the trip with their knowledge, their humor and the stories they told. Dave and Timmy led our crew and we cannot say enough great things about them, other than we already miss them very much after our seven days with them."
-Liverpool, UK