14 Day Full Canyon Hybrid Raft Trip

  • Canyon Route: Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek ( 225 river miles)
  • Meet: Flagstaff, AZ
  • Return: Flagstaff, AZ
  • Transportation: Ground transportation from Flagstaff to put-in point (Lees Ferry) and return from take-out point (Diamond Creek) is included

  • Lodging: Little America Hotel (not included in price) Will need to be in Flagstaff, AZ for an orientation meeting the night prior to trip's start date

  • Rapids: 42 major rapids rated 5 or above (1-10 rating scale)
  • Group size: 20 passengers
  • Minimum Age: 12 years old
  • Included: Camping gear w/ chairs & sleeping pads
  • Required Hike: None
  • Raft: Oar Rafts & Paddle Raft - used on rotation among passengers
  • Price: $4490  Deposit: $671
  • *Price includes a $1/day suggested donation to the Grand Canyon fund

Trip Logistics:

You will need to arrive to Flagstaff, AZ the night prior to attend a 7pm orientation meeting at the Little America in Flagstaff. Lodging is not included in the price. At 7am on the morning of day 1, you will board a bus for the 3 hour drive to the put in point at Lees Ferry. At mid-morning of the final day, you will be transported by bus back to the DoubleTree in Flagstaff.  This drive back to Flagstaff takes approximately 3 hours and arrival is usually between 3-7pm, however it recommended to stay at Little America that evening and travel the next day.

Hotel Reservations/Transportation To & From

Hotel (trip's start): Flagstaff, AZ 

  • A room block is set up with Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. More information to be provided.

Hotel (trip's end): Flagstaff, AZ

  • A room block is set up with Little America Hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. More information to be provided.

Transportation (trip’s start/end): Flagstaff, AZ

  • Via commercial flight from Flagstaff Puliam Airport (FLG)
  • Via ground shuttle:

Transportation (trip’s end): Flagstaff, AZ (included)

  • Outbound travel from Flagstaff, AZ
    • Via commercial flight from Flagstaff Puliam Airport (FLG)
    • Via ground shuttle to:

Hybrid Raft Trip

Hybrid raft trips are high in demand and low in supply as only 4 of 15 outfitters offer them. A typical hybrid trip will consist of 5-6 Oar raft and 1 Paddle raft to be used on rotation among the passengers. This trip makes for a great balance between relaxing in an Oar raft and digging into the water while in the Paddle raft. Hybrid trips travel at speed of the river 3-4 mph, more slowly and essentially doubling the trip duration when compared to a motorized trip. This slower pace offers a great opportunity for an intimate experience with the river while listening to your guide's extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon. There are upper, lower, western and full canyon trips offered on motor rafts. Some full canyon trips continue straight through with the same group of passengers, while others will make a pit-stop to let off upper canyon passengers, and allow for lower canyon trip passengers to join the group for the rest of the trip.


  • Limited rafting type option, offered by 4 of 15 outfitters
  • Usually 4 oar rafts and 1 paddle raft to be used on rotation among passengers. One outfitter includes inflatable kayaks
  • No motor rafts are part of the flotilla on a hybrid raft trip
  • Slower paced more intimate experience while on the raft in calmer waters
  • Popular choice for adventurous individuals and families alike
  • Popular option for those wanting a more physical experience while on raft
  • Great opportunity to listen to your guide’s extensive knowledge of the Grand Canyon while on raft
  • Minimum 12 years old - most outfitters
  • Group size between 18-24 dependent on what time of year
  • Rafts may vary slightly from sample image

Payment and cancellation policies:

  • 15% non-refundable deposit per person required to reserve your space(s)
    • If booking within 130 days prior to trip start, full payment is due
  • Final payment is due 130 days prior to trip start date
    • Failure to pay on time will result in reservation being cancelled and deposit retained
  • In the event you have to cancel, you may consider:
    • Substituting members on your reservation
    • Changing trip date or type to another available trip in the same year
    • File your trip insurance claim with your personal provider (more information below)
  • If you must cancel, you will be considered an “repeat” rafter and will be eligible for a 10% discount if booking within 2 years

Purchase trip cancellation insurance - Highly Recommended

  • Insurance can help reimburse you in the event of illness or unforeseen circumstances
  • Most popular option listed below - click on link to view different levels of coverage with an immediate quote

Additional Trip Dates

IconFirst Day

You will be driven to the launch point, Lees Ferry in Marble Canyon in the morning to meet your river guides. Sometimes the orientation meeting is the night before, earlier this morning or even at the launch point depending on your given itinerary. Guests will have dry bags provided as well as a life jacket, and shortly after you will be underway to begin your journey!

IconEvery Day

Each day you will be on and off the raft multiple times. Each itinerary regardless of the outfitter, includes daily side canyon hiking opportunities to some of the most beautiful scenery the Grand Canyon has to offer. In addition, you will see gorgeous waterfalls and streams rarely accessible outside of these multi-day raft trips. After enjoying the excitement of fun rapids, you will stop for lunch which is prepared river-side on a beautiful sandy beach. You will be entertained with fascinating information on the history, geology, and ecology of the canyon. Often, there is another stop after lunch before arriving at camp for the evening. Tents are always available however depending on the season, many opt to sleep under the stars each night.

IconLast Day

225 River Mile Trips/Diamond Creek Exit - Late morning sometimes early afternoon, you'll arrive at Diamond Creek where you will disembark and be met by transportation vehicle(s). You will travel for about an hour along a rough dirt road to the main highway in Peach Springs, AZ before being taken to Flagstaff or Las Vegas depending on your given itinerary.

"Just finished paddling the Upper Canyon 2 days ago and I feel like it was a life changing experience. Absolutely incredible! The guides are amazing and taught us so much about paddling, the Canyon, camping....and how to have a blast in the wilderness. Heather, Carl, Megan, Chad, Jeff, Kelsey, Katie and Paul...you rock! Will be sharing stories about this trip for a long time!"
-Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

"Superb experience. Excellent guides who really supported the group. Excellent food. Great paddling. Very good balance between teaching and safety. I can’t recommend them more highly. Thanks"
-Manchester City, UK

"Awesome experience to raft the full Canyon. Everyday was different. Guides were fantastic - knowledge, stories and experience. Great food, sleeping under the stars and traversing the Canyon on the River. Loved it!!"
-Anglesea, Australia

"Had an amazing adventure river rafting the Colorado River thru the Grand Canyon with this outfit. Their River Guides had the skills, outstanding in their knowledge of the river and surrounding as well making it a truly memorial trip."
-Phoenix, AZ

"They are a smaller, highly professional company with extremely skilled, experienced river guides who know the river, make safety their top priority, and are lots of fun to spend time with. We were 100% impressed with all of our guides. The food was delicious and the trip was very well organized from start to finish."
-Bellingham, WA