Arizona River Rafting

Rafting at the Grand Canyon is one of the rare adventures you can take that will shut you off completely from the world. The Grand Canyon National Park is home to river rafters in Arizona, rafting trips, and a complete Grand Canyon experience. If you're looking for a rafting trip with guests, friends, and family, then you'll love the Grand Canyon rafting experience.

What to Expect on Your Rafting Trip

What awaits you on your rafting the Grand Canyon trip? Well, the Colorado River offers a lot of surprises, so your few days will be spent whitewater rafting in the river, hiking the National Park, exploring Glen Canyon Dam, Phantom Ranch, and Peach Springs, and having hearty meals with your colleagues.

In the morning, you'll first set off to your camp base at the heart of the canyon. This is where you'll experience camping beside the Colorado River. Once you set up camp, you can now enjoy a cup of coffee and a full breakfast. Then, when you're all rested, it's time to set towards the white water to start your water rafting.

Rafting at Grand Canyon can be hard (Class IV) or mild (Class I). However, all trips force you to experience a kind of group effort along the salt river. The whole whitewater rafting experience is meant to let you bond and communicate with your family, friends, and fell river rafting tourists.

Of course, it's not pure whitewater rafting. The trip alternates from rafting trips, lunch, and snacks, and scenery takes along the Salt River. It's a tour after all. You'll also be going on a hike and a wildlife experience. Everyone will be able to immerse themselves in different experiences in the Arizona River.

As night approaches, one of the best things to do is to look at the sky and hear the sounds of the canyon and the Arizona River. For most people, this is a trip worth remembering.

How To Raft The Grand Canyon

Each one has its own trip preference depending on the length of time they have, budget, interests, etc. While you may not be fond of rafting, a rafting trip is difficult to skip because the whole canyon is surrounded by rivers. At the very least, you'll be spending a considerable amount of time in the Salt River.

There is also a day trip, purely raft rips, meals, and hiking adventures that you can choose from. Take note, though, that the Arizona River can be packed with tourists during peak season so it's best to book your reservations early on. You can see all the information you need on guides, riverside lunch, questions, and safety protocols online.

It's important to know that the Arizona adventure is not just for adults. You can bring your children, too. A lot of the Arizona raft trips and wilderness adventures are kid-friendly making it a great family activity. You can go kayaking with the children too.

When it comes to what to wear in Arizona, it tends to be warm and sunny on most days, but there can be rains and cool winds too. To make sure you're truly ready for your Arizona adventure, bring quick-dry clothing, rain gear, a swimming suit, and hiking attire. Yes, that's a lot of clothes! However, don't forget to travel light too.

Don't forget to bring necessary items like sunblock, sunglasses, a cap, and a sarong. These items can help you be more comfortable when rafting, hiking, or even camping at night. If you're worried that you'll be all alone, there will be a guide, a set of visitors, and staff that will keep you company throughout the whole adventure.

Take note, that trips vary per rafting company and you may search through all top 15 outfitters right here for your next Grand Canyon rafting trip!.